Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs

Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber-attacks are becoming the bane of almost every private organization and government agency on the planet. These attacks have affected everything from Fortune 500 corporations to public utilities or even charities, eroding confidence in the ability of these entities to protect private information or even provide their services.

Companies have suffered billions of dollars in damages every year, not to mention the global instability that cyber attacks are contributing to. These organizations are in desperate need of the professionals who can safeguard their data and the integrity of their computer networks. With hiring pushes starting even as we speak, how can you take this opportunity to get your foot in the door with an entry-level position in cybersecurity?

The Job Market for Cybersecurity Professionals Is Rapidly Expanding

It is no surprise that Information Security Analysts are one of the fasting growing occupations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, expecting a 28% rise in the number of positions in the next decade. With so many lucrative positions boasting a high level of compensation even for apprentice analysts, why do employers have so much trouble filling these positions?

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What Are Employers Looking For in an Entry-level Cybersecurity Professional?

Employers who are looking for Information Security Analysts expect that they should have specific qualities that lead to success in this demanding occupation. They need to have strong analytical skills that enable the close study of systems and their data to assess potential threats and determine how to deal with them.

They need to have a high degree of attention to detail as most cyber-attacks can only have very minute indicators of potential danger. Ingenuity and problem-solving skills are highly prized, as defeating cyber-attacks can often require thinking outside the box. In addition, multitasking may be required especially when a compromised system has been detected.

The Minimum Qualifications for an Entry Level Information Security Analyst Can Be Daunting

Cybersecurity is a demanding occupation with a high degree of qualifications even for an entry-level position in the field. A bachelor's degree in some field of computer science is the bare minimum qualification for most employers, while some prefer a master's degree or even a doctorate in computer science.

In addition, most internships and special programs that offer the best on the job experience for these positions require enrollment in an undergraduate program. A good starting point for a prospective Information Security Analyst is formal education in their field.

An Alternative Path to an Entry Level Position in Cybersecurity

If the time it takes to complete the education required is a barrier to attaining an entry-level position as an Information Security Analyst, there are still other paths you can take to start your first day on the job. Network and Computer Systems administrators are an entry-level an stepping-stone to working in cybersecurity.

Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs

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