The Evolution of EET

When it comes to the electronics engineering field, it’s brave new world – and it’s one filled with opportunity. Gone are the days when you needed 5-6 years of school to compete for good jobs. Why? It’s not because the skills are any less demanding. No, it’s because select educational institutions have optimized the tutorial efficiency of the subjects being taught.

The Range of Fields Requiring Electronics Engineering Knowledge

The truth is, there is a growing demand for people with skills in electronic engineering, because of the continued dependence on computers and other forms of technology. Everything from telecommunications and satellites, to acoustics and propulsion-control depends on the sure hands of an electronics engineering professional. Anything you connect to your tablet or Smartphone was developed with their assistance somewhere along the line.

Unlike years past, when there were fewer electronics fields, electronic engineering technicians and technologists can now work with a much wider variety of equipment and in more industries including:

  • navigation and radar systems in the aerospace industries
  • portable music players like mp3s and all manner of video-devices
  • global positioning systems that play crucial roles in cellular technology
  • general power generation equipment
  • electric motors

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Here’s the good news: growing demand usually leads to increased salaries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, electronic engineering technicians – a career which only requires an associate’s degree – can expect to earn a median wage of $57,850.00 per year, considerably more than all other occupations.

How to Get Started in the Electronic Engineering Technology Field

According to a recent report by the Pew Research Internet Project, many industry experts are warning that importance of technical education is gaining greater importance with each passing year. With more and more unskilled jobs being performed by machines and robots, there is concern that those who are lacking an education could become trapped in a permanent underclass. If that’s the case, now is a good time to consider a career that puts you right in the middle of the technological arena, working on those same machines and robots.

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