How Do You Study Online?

How Do You Study Online?

For some good reasons, the internet is filled with positive information about studying online. Online education has numerous benefits, from flexibility to freedom. However, online classes are as hard as traditional classes, and sometimes even more.

Apart from learning how to use computer hardware and software, you also need to be self-disciplined in order to get the work done. While studying online, you will be faced with several distractions. Here are some ways to get you thinking about your studying style and how you can be successful in the online classroom!

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Common Student Distractions

Social media: Clicking on photos, links to videos, funny stories, and updating your status can consume a large share of your study time. It’s easy to get lost while trying to check out what your friends and colleagues are up to.

Email notifications: A recent survey that was conducted by Adobe revealed that nearly 50 percent of millennials checked their emails every morning when they wake up. 25 percent of these individuals reported that they respond to the emails as they drive to work. After the survey, Adobe discovered that Americans spend approximately 6.3 hours every day on email.

Being needed elsewhere: Your boss wants you to work on a new assignment, your dog needs to go out, and your children want to be fed. All these responsibilities and many others can hinder you from completing your coursework.

Tips on How to Study Online

When studying online, the internet is your best friend, and your worst enemy. You are able to access several resources all in one place from your home computer, but the distractions are numerous and let's not forget the temptation to procrastinate. You can help cut out the distractions by:

Having a focused mindset

There are several ways that you can find a focused mindset including:

Using the “be here now” strategy: When you feel that your attention is wandering, pause whatever you’re doing and tell yourself “be here now.” Although you may need to tell yourself this several times, you will be reminding yourself that you should focus on your studies. By doing this often you will discover that you will be spending less time on distractions.

Take a break: Taking study breaks every now and then is more beneficial than studying nonstop. Take a 5 minutes break once every hour. This will help keep you refreshed and you can remain focused when you get back to your studies. The Pomodoro Method is also popular for studying students.

Don’t multitask: You may be tempted to knock out different tasks all at once in order to work faster. However, by multitasking such as studying while shopping online or watching TV can cause you to lose your focus. Instead, you should work on one task at a time.

Have a dedicated study area

Don’t use your dining room or kitchen table as a classroom. Instead, create a quiet workplace with fewer distractions. Having a designated study area will help sharpen your mind and improve your concentration.

Create a study group

Consider taking your online classes to a coffee shop or library by forming a study group. A study group will not only help you interact with other students but also ensure that you keep each other accountable.

Benefits of Online Education

Over the last few years, the number of institutions that offer online programs has grown exponentially. This is because online education has numerous benefits including:

It’s convenient: The main reason why most people choose online education is convenience. When you decide to go back to school, some of the struggles you will have to deal with are:

  • Finding a suitable program near you
  • Commuting to and from class
  • Working your class schedule around your busy work schedule
  • Juggling between class, work, and other personal responsibilities

Fortunately, you don’t have to experience all these problems with online education. Although schooling requires a lot of time, you will save more time that you would have used to commute to and from class. You can simply schedule uninterrupted hours to study in the comfort of your house.

Flexible schedule: With online classes, you could be able to balance between your work and family obligations while in school. For example, if you work from 9-to-5, you will be able to complete any school assignments in the evening or over the weekend.

Opportunity to participate: Although some question the lack of social engagement when studying online, most students actually get involved in online class discussions and activities. People who suffer from various anxiety-related conditions or those who are nervous about academic interaction can participate in online class activities without feeling intimidated.

How Do You Study Online?

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