The retail industry is certainly full of change. With the introduction of mobile technologies, smart phones, and online retailing, the retail industry now offers consumers more shopping options than ever before. In any case, mechatronics are being employed behind the scenes to fuel a vast majority of this change.

Mechatronics is the technology that effectively combines mechanical engineering and electronics. Continue reading to learn more about how mechatronics is making advancements in the retail industry and changing efficiency.

Battalions of Robots

Instead of legions of people running around to process orders, some of the world's largest retailers employ battalions of robots. These robots work around the clock to ensure that each customer receives their order on time. For example, the gargantuan online retailer Amazon has more than 15,000 robots working diligently at its fulfillment centers. In addition to all of these robots, Amazon employs its Robo-Stow, which is a large robotic arm. These robots quickly move from shelf to shelf managing Amazon's vast line and number of products to increase efficiency and production.


Amazon has now employed advanced mechatronics outside of its centers as well. Amazon's Prime Air is a new innovative delivery system that uses small unmanned aerial vehicles or drones to quickly get customers' packages in their hands in 30 minutes or less. Even though drones carrying packages through the air may seem like science fiction, it's highly likely that Prime Air drones will eventually be as common as mail trucks on the road. Already, Amazon has developed centers across multiple states in the U.S., Israel, the United Kingdom and multiple other international locations.

Mechatronics and Mobile Apps

Advancements in mechatronics has proven to be highly valuable in production, but it's also finding infinite uses in the fashion retail industry. By drawing on technology from robotics, two companies have created innovations for the apparel and retail fashion business. Dresscovery is an app that allows users to simply take a photo of a handbag with their smartphone, and the app finds a bag on sale most similar to the scanned bag. The app Proximus actually locates consumers that are visiting shopping malls to provide them with a more personalized experience. While these apps may rely heavily on mobile technology, they also rely on artificial intelligence, sensorial processing, and automated learning. These mobile apps are the result of the research originally used in creating highly-complex robots.

Mechatronics affects just about every industry across the globe. More importantly, trends in the retail industry are increasingly calling for new and innovative mechatronics to help guide the industry. Mechatronics is important to the world of business, especially retail, because it empowers businesses to do more with less manpower. However, in order for these trends to continue, the workforce must be equipped with educated and trained engineering professionals.

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