How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University?

How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University? - 2017 UPDATE!

So you’re thinking about going back to school but not sure you can afford it?  Let’s face it, a college degree is a significant investment, so you are right to be cautious.  You may also have an idea of how much you think college actually might cost!  The numbers can be daunting. estimates the total average cost for in-state students is approximately $24,610 per academic year, with private colleges coming in at an average of $49,320

You may even be thinking that it must be expensive to attend ECPI University. Here is some more information about college costs, how to understand them, and where ECPI University ranks in relation to several other colleges and universities. 

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How Can I Find Out How Much a College Actually Costs?

All accredited colleges and universities are required to have a Net Price Calculator on their official websites or a published pricing schedule that clearly defines costs for attending. You may have to answer a few questions about the degree you want to earn, current education level, and veteran status so the calculator can factor in possible financial aid, scholarships, and grants, but once you share that information, you can get an idea of the true cost associated with attending a particular college or university. You can find the ECPI University Net Price Calculator by clicking here.

How Much Does ECPI University Cost Compared to Other Colleges?

Now, let’s take a look at the cost of attending ECPI University, as well as other colleges in Virginia and online.

*Note – All cost estimates shown below for any specific college or university, including ECPI University, were based on the institutions’ own Net Price Calculator (where available) or their published cost and fee schedule, see reference links below.

How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University? - 2017 UPDATE!

How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University? - 2017 UPDATE!

As you can see, ECPI University ranks quite favorably. What’s more, our costs are clear and concise. We don’t confuse you with an endless array of fees designed to make tuition seem lower than it really is. Oh, and books – whether they be hardback or electronic – are included in your tuition. That means no surprises. Plus, ECPI University has skilled financial advisors on staff to help you work out an aid package that makes sense for you.

Understanding the Hidden Cost of a College Degree – It’s Not Just Tuition!

Tuition is one thing, but it doesn’t stop there. There are books, various fees, parking passes, and lab costs that are not always covered by tuition. Additional expenses may include room and board for schools where students live on campus. Meal plans for dining facilities also figure into costs at traditional colleges and universities.

It’s important to pay attention to costs beyond tuition. For instance, tuition at one school may seem low, but if its fees are several thousand dollars, you might not be saving as much as you think. It’s important to look at the entire cost and not focus just on one element. 

How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University?

As you can see, ECPI University fees are dramatically lower than every other school. 

The Real Value of a College Education with ECPI University

The cost of earning an accredited bachelor's degree with ECPI University is quite reasonable.  However, that’s not the only benefit of attending ECPI University!  With our accelerated schedule, you could graduate with a bachelor’s degree in an exciting and in demand field in as little as 2.5 years.  That means you can enter the workforce sooner and start gaining experience in your chosen field and earning money faster.

How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University? - 2017 UPDATE!

Is the Investment in a College Degree Worth it?

CNN Money reports that, on average, high school graduates make $678 per week while college graduates earn $1,227. College graduates are also more likely to be employed. Put in context, college can viewed as an investment in future earnings and employability. Of course, a college education is not a commodity. Some schools are better than others, especially when it comes to specific programs. 

How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University? - 2017 UPDATE!

How Can I Pick the Right College for Me?

Choosing a college should be about value. On that count ECPI University stands above the rest. Our tuition is affordable, and our programs are aligned with the needs of the job market. The curriculum for each one is reviewed twice yearly by a panel of industry professionals who help us ensure that you can develop the skills needed to embark on a career that is in demand. On top of that, you can also earn your degree much faster at ECPI. Our year-round, accelerated schedule allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree in as little as 2.5 years – or earn an associates in just 1.5 years. Either way, you could be out earning a professional salary while students at traditional schools are still sitting in class and paying tuition and – yes – lots of fees. 

How Much Does it Cost to go to ECPI University?

Do you want to go from Zero to Bachelors in 2.5 years? ECPI University offers programs in wide range of in-demand fields to help you achieve your goals faster. For more information about ECPI University and the degree programs we offers, connect with a friendly admissions representative today

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* Not all colleges and universities offer Associate Degree Programs as an Undergraduate degree.  This calculation is based on 2 years of study towards a typical Associates Degree whether offered or not

** Graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in an Engineering, Technology or Medical field from a Regionally Accredited College or University that has a local campus in Virginia 

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