Graduate Fulfilled Dream Example for SonIf you've ever wondered if persistence pays, look no further than Keisha Swinson. Her journey began on August 19, 1997. That’s when her son, Jaray, was born. It was also the day she was to begin college. “I was grateful to have my blessing from God but I really thought it was over for my dream of being a college graduate,” says Keisha.

A couple years later, Keisha decided she would try juggling school with motherhood and a fulltime job. She wanted to be a nurse. It was manageable, but once she realized nursing was not her true calling, she left school. She tried studying business, but after job changes sent her from Greensboro to Fayetteville to Durham, the starts and stops at community colleges became burdensome and frustrating.

Years passed, and one day she decided to consider online options. “I had been working with computers for a long time and always had been an electronic geek so I decided to look for degree programs in computer and information systems, says Keisha. “I ran across ECPI University and sent a request for more information.”

That’s when she first met ECPI University Admissions Advisor Brooke Hartert. “She was just so encouraging, says Keisha. “Brooke helped walk me in the door (virtually) and has continued to help guide me throughout my college life, always boosting my confidence when I needed it. Then, there was my student finance advisor, Misty Clark. “She really helped me sort out all the financial aid issues so I could concentrate on school. Without these two ladies, I’m not sure I would have made it.”

Well, Keisha did make it. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Systems with a concentration in Network Security and has just accepted a position with CISCO as a Network Consulting Engineer. “I can now look at my son, who is turning sixteen this year, and say your mother is a college graduate and you can do the same,” says Keisha. “I did not allow life’s obstacles to stop my dream. God had another plan for me and placed Brooke and Misty in my life. It all began with that first conversation to help me get to this point!”

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