Is Becoming a BSN Hard?

Is Becoming a BSN Hard?

Watching nurses in the movies as they save lives, stick patients with needles and proceed to the next patient may seem simple. Hollywood tends to oversimplify and glamorize, especially when it comes to career details as complex as nursing. There are very few professions that will give you a chance to directly impact people’s lives every day you go to work, and nursing is one of them.

Nurses are the heart of the healthcare system, and they do much more than just caring for individuals. Their 24/7 presence has transformed lives. Nurses are on the front line of the healthcare industry, and they’re the ones who get their hands dirty, sooth patient’s pain, and calm worried families.

As you have most likely discovered after conducting your research, a nursing career takes time, it’s expensive, and it can be hard. So as a Registered Nurse (RN), you may wonder why you should go back to nursing school to get a BSN.

According to a recent report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), by the year 2020 80% of the entire nursing population should have a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). This is something that healthcare agencies across the country agree with. It’s normal and understandable for you to be on the fence, especially if you already have a nursing job and a family. Going back to school can be a daunting thought. However, you should seriously consider getting a BSN degree if you are a career-focused nurse.

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Why Should you Pursue a BSN Degree?

In case you became a registered nurse through an associate degree in nursing (ADN), enrolling in an RN-BSN program should be your next step if you want to advance in your career. Due to the shortage of qualified nurses, RNs with BSNs are now in high demand. With a BSN, you stand to benefit from good salaries. Your BSN will also put you a step closer to a master’s or doctorate.

If you’re currently working as an RN, you have a better chance of achieving a BSN. Most hospitals across the country are offering tuition reimbursement programs. This means that if you want to advance your education, your employer might help in paying for it. Additionally, if you are a registered nurse, obtaining a BSN will not take much time compared to someone entering the nursing profession.

Is Pursuing a BSN Difficult?

Regardless of whether you will pursue your BSN on campus or online, one question that you may be asking yourself is whether nursing is hard. Every student wants to know what they are getting into because they want to succeed. Nobody wants to fail.

How difficult a BSN degree is will depend on your skill-set and situation. Some students find the academic part manageable or easy but struggle with the clinical components, while for other students it may be the reverse. Other students have no problems at all. Similar to the questions you’ll be asked in the NCLEX test, there is no single black and white, yes or no answer to your question on whether pursuing a nursing a program is hard. However, a BSN program is doable if you put in the time and hard work.

BSN Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Time management is one of the biggest challenges when pursuing a nursing career. With too much on your plate with your job, kids and assignments, you need to be ready and know what’s coming up. For you to succeed you should do the following:

  • Make a to-do list and follow it strictly
  • Create time for school
  • Make adjustments as needed
  • Ask for help if you get stuck

Time management and making sure you understand what you’re learning are two key points that will help you get through nursing school. You will pick up plenty of study hacks of your own as you go along.

Is Becoming a BSN Hard?

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