Is Massage Therapy Effective? And Other Questions Massage Students Can Answer

Is Massage Therapy Effective? And Other Questions Massage Students Can Answer

Are you passionate about helping people? Do you like to work with your hands and want a career that's fun and flexible? Then one career path you should consider is that of a massage therapist. Massage therapists are trained and licensed professionals who use their hands and specialized tools to move soft body tissues in order to improve a person's physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

The following is a look at the benefits your clients will get from massage therapy as well as some answers to other popular questions for those in this industry:

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Is Massage Therapy Effective? A Look at the Physical Benefits

  • Boost the response of the immune system. One exciting research study on massage therapy indicated that receiving just an hour Swedish massage can increase the number of lymphocytes in a person's blood system. Lymphocytes are the white blood cells that play an essential role as part of the immune system in defending a body against disease. The patients also had decreased levels of cytokines which contribute to unwanted inflammation.
  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure. It's no secret that many Americans suffer from high blood pressure whether from work, life stresses, or dietary habits. One effective way to bring in some relief is through massage therapy. This particularly intriguing study highlighting Swedish massages showed that regular appointments significant helped to reduce both heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Help significantly reduce pain. On this latter part, the reduction of cytokines, there have been many other studies that have further examined how massage therapy does this. By reducing cytokines, certain massages can go a long way in mitigating the inflammation pain experienced by those who suffer from ailments like rheumatoid arthritis and metastatic cancer.
  • Enhance general physical fitness. Exercise and massage therapy go together like two sides of a coin. In fact, regular massages have been shown to actually improve general exercise and athletic performance and can help prevent injuries. This is because massages help reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation, and increase the normal range of motion a person has. If you are passionate about sports, then you might want to consider specializing in sports-oriented massage therapy.

How Often Should a Person Seek Massage Therapy to Experience its Benefits?

While just one massage therapy session could make you feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally, it is often recommended to make this type of massage therapy a more permanent part of your life in order to appreciate the full benefits that massage therapy has to offer. This is because massages can be seen as similar to other health improvements and self-care activities like exercise and healthy eating.

Eating more vegetables one week out of the year may make you feel good that one week, but if you eat just potato chips and cake the rest of the year, then you won't feel that benefits of that one week of eating right for very long.

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