Is Online Education Effective?

Is Online Education Effective?

Is the online classroom an effective classroom? Does it give you the skills you need to achieve your career goals? These are important questions every student wants to answer before undertaking the rigors and requirements it takes to earn an online degree. The answer to both questions is that yes, the online classroom is effective and should give you the same skills and knowledge you need to achieve professional success.

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Online Learning Gives You Control Over Your Courses

Earning an education requires establishing a balance between your work, family, and educational responsibilities. Online learning gives you significant control over when you listen to your lectures, take your exams, and review course materials.

It gives you the flexibility to study on your lunch break and listen to lectures while you're commuting. It also gives you the ability to take a step back and review lectures from earlier in the course when you want to reinforce ideas and concepts crucial to understanding the material.

Online Learners Earn the Same Scores as Classroom Peers

Online students perform at the same level as their classroom peers.  Some test scores and other metrics have demonstrated that in many cases, online students perform better than students in the classroom do. There are many reasons for this, and one reason is that online students spend less time commuting to and from classrooms, which gives them more time to study the course materials, work on papers, and prepare for exams.

If you figure it takes one hour a day to travel to and from a classroom, that's an 5 extra hours a week that online students have the classroom students don't. Further, not every student performs the same at different times of day. Online learning allows you to take your courses during your optimum learning period whether that is in the morning, on a lunch break at work, or late at night after your children have gone to sleep.

Distance Learning is Old School

Many people mistakenly believe that distance learning is something that came along with the internet. While it is true that the internet created fertile soil for distance learning to flourish, the fact is that distance-learning programs have been around since the 1700's.

Throughout the 1950's and 1960's, courses were offered through radio and television. By the 1970's and 1980's, correspondence courses were popular methods of learning additional skills to help boost a career. As the internet began to grow, the first online courses were offered by Ivy League professors at Penn State in 1995.

Online Education = Less Stress

Online education is less stressful because of the natural flexibility built into the programs. There's no waking up for 7am classes or rushing through traffic to get to class on time. The programs are designed to be flexible which allows students to learn at their own pace. Students can rush past topics they have a solid grasp of, and slow down when a topic needs more detailed examination.

This flexibility reduces stress which allows students to focus on the topic without having to worry about falling behind. The result is a better and more solid understanding of the material which improves the student's ability to apply the concepts to their professional career.

Online Learning Levels the Playing Field

In a perfect world, everyone would get the teacher's attention. In the real world, there are always a handful of students who raise their hands and get called upon before the teacher moves on with the lecture.

Whether you are shy, or take more time to think over your question before asking, the online classroom levels the field and gives every student an opportunity to ask their questions. This makes the online classroom a truly equal environment where students don't have to worry about being the first to raise their hand so that they can get the answers they need to master the materials.

Online Education is Mainstream

Employers no longer differentiate between the value of an online degree verses that of a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. For employers, the most important thing they want to know is whether you have the skills needed to perform the job at hand.

Moreover, many employers are shifting operations to remote locations. Depending on your profession, this means that you may find employment with a company that could be located halfway around the world from your home. In such cases, your demonstrated ability to perform effectively in an online environment is an additional asset you bring to the table with you.

Is Online Education Effective?

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