IT Security Certifications for Beginners

IT Security Certifications for Beginners

Everyone wants to shine in whatever career they take on, and that includes careers like IT security. In this era, the person with the most experience and certified qualifications is the most sought-after and better paid. That’s why anyone seeking to develop a successful career as a security expert in the cybersecurity industry needs to start thinking seriously about IT security certifications.

What’s A Certification?

In simple terms, a certification is an accreditation earned by a professional affirming their ability to perform specified tasks excellently. For you to get certified as an cybersecurity expert, you need these certifications. All you have to do is study and pass a test in the given field, and that’s it!

Examples Of Entry-level Certifications Ideal For Beginners

When you want to make sure your entry into the world of cybersecurity, post-graduation, will go smoothly, looking into certifications is a great idea. Here are some examples of the kind of popular and most recognized certifications you can get:

  • GIAC Security Essentials(GSEC): Provided by the Global Information Assurance Certification, this certification is recognized by governments, IT industry leaders as well as military experts. If you go for this, you get exposed to the basic concepts in software security as well as IT security administration and management. That makes it a great choice for a beginner looking to gain basic valuable knowledge in IT security.
  • CompTIA Security +: This is another one of the most sought-after IT security certifications. For a beginner, it’s an excellent choice. It encompasses a broad overview of the every-day integral concepts of corporate IT security. You gain great knowledge and experience in protecting corporate data and network systems. As an entry-level professional meaning to look valuable to an organization, you should definitely consider this certification.

Does Certification Count In A Job Hunt?

You may ask: How does all this chasing after certifications benefit anyone on the day of the job hunt? Well, here’s the breakdown:

  • A certification teaches you great on-the-job technical skills and a gives you a broader perspective in solving problems. That makes for excellent customer service. Any employer wants that from an employee.
  • When you take part in practical simulations of various IT security tasks when training for your certification, you gain hands-on experience in dealing with various magnitudes of cyber threats. You learn how to identify and repulse potential cyber-attacks. You also learn how to prevent such attacks from occurring in the first place. That makes you more valuable and could help you land a job.
  • A certification leaves you with a better understanding of network infrastructure and topology. This makes it easier for you to identity any security loopholes in a network and helps you find ways to fix them. A certified IT security professional can design better and more secure network systems. You know how and where to install relevant security devices and software and how to configure, manage, and maintain them properly. You also become a better security administrator, with a broader knowledge of the most security policies and procedures. You can initiate and conduct system security testing drives. Since a certification is a clear affirmation of your demonstrable abilities.
  • As a certified professional, you stand to earn more respect from your peers in the industry. Besides that, any employer would prefer someone with more authority over their career as opposed to someone with the same education but with zero certifications to show.

IT Security Certifications for Beginners

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