Learning Cyber Security: Podcasts to Compliment your Education

Learning Cyber Security: Podcasts to Compliment your Education

Whether you work in cyber security, are studying it in school, or are just interested in learning more about it, podcasts can be a fantastic resource. Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with the latest cyber security news, stay ahead on the latest developments in cyber security technology, and to keep learning about cyber security no matter you are in your career or education. They're a lot of fun to listen to as well!

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If you are getting a degree in cyber security, listening to podcasts are a terrific compliment to your education. Podcasts can offer new perspectives that you can bring with you to your studies. Listening to podcasts is a great way to unwind and relax after a long day of lectures and studying.

With that in mind, here are some of the best cyber security podcasts that you can listen to right now.

  • Threatpost: Threatpost is a straightforward news podcast that will help you keep up with the latest developments in the cyber security industry. In addition to offering rundowns of essential cyber security news, Threatpost also features interviews with cyber security professionals that you won't want to miss out on listening to.
  • SANS Internet Storm Center Podcast: Another great news podcast, SANS offers daily news updates in easy to consume segments that are rarely more than 10 minutes long. This is a great podcast to listen to first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed, a podcast filled with essential news in a compact package.
  • Risky Business: Risky Business has been airing since 2007, and is a mainstay in the cyber security podcast scene for good reason. Every week, host Patrick Gray explores a cyber security topic in great depth. Its longer format (50-60 minutes per episode) and weekly release give him time to thoroughly explain his subjects and conduct excellent interviews.
  • Security Now!: Hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte, Security Now! offers both news and analysis. Gibson and Laporte report on recent news in the cyber security world before launching into deep explanations of how to implement essential cyber security solutions yourself. If you are looking for some practical cyber security advice, this podcast is for you.
  • OWASP Podcast: OWASP is a well-known non-profit project that aims to provide a wealth of free cyber security information, tools, and tech to the public. Its podcast is an important part of the project, featuring explainers, interviews, analysis, and much more.
  • Security Weekly: Security Weekly has been one of the leading cyber security podcasts since 2005, and it continues to be an essential listen for cyber security students and professionals alike. Host Paul Asadoorian offers deep looks into the most relevant cyber security trends, stories, ideas, and products of the moment. The podcast also features expert guest interviews and supplemental notes for anyone who wants an even deeper look into the topic at hand.
  • The Cyber Wire: If you need a straightforward podcast that gets to the point, The Cyber Wire is a great choice. The Cyber Wire prioritizes conciseness, offering no-frills cyber security news without sacrificing on quality coverage or analysis. This is a great podcast for cyber security newcomers and veterans alike.

Learning Cyber Security: Podcasts to Compliment your Education

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