LinkedIn’s New Student App Works to Help Students Find Jobs

LinkedIn’s New Student App Works to Help Students Find Jobs

You’ve no doubt heard of the social networking site, LinkedIn. This website connects professionals for a variety of purposes. You can search open jobs, connect with classmates, meet new people, keep up with what’s happening in your field, and lots of other activities.

The website is now launching a mobile app designed specifically for students to assist them in their job hunt. While most students go to college to get a higher position and earn more money, getting a degree is only the beginning.

How LinkedIn’s New Student App Works

The app, called LinkedIn Students, available for Android and iOS, parses information from your LinkedIn profile to get you the most relevant and helpful content. It will link to your university and show you profiles of graduates from your school. It can also show you businesses who hire graduates from your school as well.

The app takes only a few minutes to navigate each time you use it. It can save jobs you aspire to, locations where you want to work, people you’re connected to, and companies where you might find employment. With employers able to access your profile, this app could help you not only connect with peers, but potentially find a position in your field.

How to set up Your Account for Maximum Efficiency

When setting up your account, it’s important to be thorough and thoughtful about the information you’re including. Think about your ultimate career goal and add everything to your resume that proves you’re a good candidate for that job.

This means entering in all of your previous work experience, your schools, classes you’ve taken, certifications you’ve earned, and more. While it might seem tedious at the time, employers can access profiles and resumes directly from the app and you want to look like the best possible pick for that position.

Including a lot of information will also allow you to be a good candidate for related jobs. Sometimes you have to work up to your dream job. Experience you gain in a related field will help to make you look even better to hiring managers at your future positions.

Important Setup Tips to Remember

Here are some quick tips and tricks to present the best resume possible. Competition in job market is fierce and you have to stand out like the professional you are.

  • Fill out your profile completely: A profile that has only a few basic details is going to get passed over in favor of one that someone put the time and effort into.
  • Pick a good pic: That bathroom mirror selfie you took this morning? Not a good fit for your LinkedIn profile. A simple headshot against a clean background is all you need. And don’t worry, you can still make it a selfie.
  • Use keyword phrases in your profile: If you’re a nursing graduate looking for a position at a nursing home, be sure to use keyword phrases such as “long-term care nurse” that will put your resume into search results for employers looking for nurses for this position.
  • Watch your spelling, grammar, and formatting: Nothing will turn a potential employer off faster than not being able to read or understand your profile. Make sure you run spell check and use sites such as Grammar Girl if you have a grammatical question.
  • When you don’t have a lot of work experience: If you haven’t been in the workforce that long, don’t worry. Include what experience you do have and emphasize the skills you’ve learned while doing it. For example, if you worked at a fast food restaurant then you know how to work under pressure, work with a team, and meet deadlines.
  • When you have a lot of work experience: Say you’ve been in the work force a few years and you’ve accumulated a lot of different positions. Only include what’s most relevant. If you’re applying for network security positions, leave off the fast food experience. While you want to be thorough, you also don’t want to inundate potential employers with a lot of irrelevant information.

Looking to Start Working towards a Degree in your Chosen Field?

Apps like LinkedIn Students are making job hunting more convenient than ever. With a competitive job market and lots of qualified employees looking for work, you’ve got to get the educational background to stand out from the crowd. If you’re considering ECPI University, contact an admissions counselor today to discuss your options.

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