New Technology to Improve Cyber Security that You Should Know About

New Technology to Improve Cyber Security that You Should Know About

The war between cybersecurity experts and hackers has become a cat and mouse game. After cybersecurity white hats counter one problem, another malevolent behavior occurs almost immediately. Because the internet is now a hacker’s play field, cybersecurity is no longer an afterthought for both big and small businesses and government agencies. Medical advancement and commercial opportunities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) has also brought with it new challenges for cyber warriors.

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Emerging Technology that you Should be Aware of

The automation of almost all processes in the business world and digital connectivity has led to the increase in cybersecurity threat levels. The development of cyber-security applications is important to address potential cybersecurity threats. Here are some of the emerging technologies that will help improve the security of information security (infosec) systems from being compromised by cybercriminals:

Cloud technology

The cloud has had a major impact on the revolution of security technology. More and more businesses and government agencies are embracing the cloud technology every day to store vital information. The cloud provides for more secure approaches and techniques.

Mechanisms such as virtualized firewalls, virtualized intrusion detection and preventions systems, and more can now be used from the cloud. For example, most businesses have increased their data center security by using IaaS services.

Hardware authentication

The shortcomings of using usernames and passwords are well known, and there is a need for a more robust and secure form of authentication. One of the recent technologies is the use of authentication hardware.

Intel is now using authentication technology, combining a variety of hardware-enhanced factors simultaneously to validate a user’s identity. Hardware authentication is particularly important in IoT, where networks need to make sure that anything trying to gain access is permitted to do so.

User-behavior analytics

After a person’s credentials have been compromised, the cybercriminal who has them can penetrate a network and engage in malicious behavior. Such behavior can trigger a red flag to the existing system defenders if they are using UBA (user behavior analytics). This technology uses big data analytics in order to detect any unusual behavior. This technology is important, as it helps address blind spots in a business security system.

Why Should you Stay on Top of Technological Advances?

As digitization accelerates, it’s important that you keep up with technological advancement because:

We are living in a digital world: One of the obvious reasons why you should keep up with cybersecurity technology is because most of the business world is now digital. Technology is always changing and you need to know the current technology to counter cyberattacks.

Stay relevant: Becoming irrelevant as a cybersecurity professional is a death sentence. You should know the new technology that is being used to enhance security in businesses. In case of a breach, your customers can lose faith in you pretty quickly.

How Formal Education can Help you Keep Up With Advances in Cybersecurity

The old IT world is dead and cybersecurity professionals have to deal with new threats created by the IoT, the Cloud, mobile, and wearable technologies. Data that was initially contained in systems is now traveling through data centers, routers, and other hosts. Cybercriminals have become smarter and they are using:

  • Spying software
  • MiM (Man-in-the-Middle) to listen to data conversations
  • Memory-scraping software

Formal cybersecurity education can help you keep up with new technology

Context-aware behavioral analytics: Unusual behaviors such as a user downloading millions of files to a USB stick, or abnormal file movement calls for alarm. This is where behavioral analytics comes in and helps with mobile location tracking. Behavioral analytics also help in next-generation breach detection that enables profiling and understanding user behavior and machine patterns that aid in detecting attacks.

SAML and the Cloud: Although SAML is not a security measure on its own, formal education has helped many cybersecurity professionals to combine it with SSO technologies to help protect data stored in the cloud.

New Technology to Improve Cyber Security that You Should Know About

Cybersecurity threats are not only increasing but have also become more sophisticated. If you want to help out, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a Major in Cyber and Network Security from ECPI University could be your first step. For more information on this exciting program, connect with a friendly admissions advisor.

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