Online Learning Self-Assessment: Am I Ready?

Online Learning Self-Assessment: Am I Ready?

Are you ready to take classes online? What qualities does it take to succeed in an online education program? It's important to ask yourself these hard questions before you sign up for classes because the answers might determine whether you succeed or fail in your efforts.

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What Does Your Schedule Look Like?

The majority of online students work part or full-time jobs. Many also have families. Work and family obligations can take up a significant amount of your time. It is important to review your schedule and determine when, where, and how you can fit the inclusion of online education into your calendar.

You will need to determine how to juggle your obligations so that you have time to study, complete assignments, and take exams. In most cases, you will discover that minor adjustments can create plenty of time to dedicate to your studies.

Are You Motivated?

Taking classes online means that you have to be self-motivated. While you will have contact with professors and peers in the program, it is up to you to maintain a high degree of motivation at all times. There will be good days, bad days, great days, and days when you want to throw in the towel. Successful students know how to manage the successes and stresses that earning an education creates.

Are You Passionate About the Career?

Students earn an online education generally because either they want to advance within their existing career, or they want to move into a new career. One of the first questions you need to determine is how passionate you are about your career choice. Students who are "ho hum" in their choice and taking classes because "it's something to do" normally won't succeed in their studies.

Conversely, students who have a strong desire their chosen career field in an online degree program have much better odds. That is because these types of students understand their career field and the opportunities that are available. They have a passionate desire deep within them that motivates them to achieve their career goals. If you have the passion for a particular career, it is that passion that will drive you forward to obtain the skills and knowledge you will need to succeed.

Do You Learn from Defeat?

No matter how passionate you are about a subject, and no matter how smart or experienced you are, there are going to be concepts and material that are going to throw you for a loop. There will be the test you bomb, the math questions you miscalculate, and the paper you just didn't put your heart and soul into.

Every student experiences this at some point in their educational career and you will, too. The successful online student learns from their mistakes and uses them to adjust and improve. What separates most "A" students from "C" students isn't brainpower and knowledge, it's the student's ability to learn from mistakes and incorporate those lessons into their learning patterns and study habits. Success is determined by your ability to get knocked down and get back up again with no loss in motivation or desire to obtain your degree.

Do You Have the Tools You Need?

You don't have to have the latest computer or the fastest internet connection. However, you do have to own a computer that is reliable and is set up on a connection that you can depend upon. Your online success depends on it. Of course, things happen. Computers break down. Service gets disrupted. When these events happen, you need to have back-ups in place so that you can continue pursuing your online degree.

What is Your Learning Style?

Every student is different, and each learning style is unique. Do you understand how you learn and what helps you remember information from texts and lectures? Understanding how you learn is essential because you will need to adapt for the online classroom.

In particular, you will need to have the ability to ask questions and request clarifications. If you are shy, you will be happy to hear that you don't have to raise your hand. You can simply post your question to an online forum or directly to the instructor to receive the answers and support you need.

Online Learning Self-Assessment: Am I Ready?

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