Refrigeration Company Expands Operations in South Carolina

Refrigeration Company Expands Operations in South Carolina

Charleston Manufacturing Surge Increases Demand for Skilled Workers

AHT Cooling Systems USA, a refrigeration manufacturing company located just outside Charleston, South Carolina, has announced plans to expand, adding 70 new jobs, some involving electronics engineering technology, to its existing facility. Based out of Austria, the company will invest approximately $5 million to create an automated assembly operation at its Ladson, South Carolina facility.

AHT Group CEO Thomas Babacan said in a news report published by the Charleston Business Journal that the company wants to capitalize on the ever-changing retail market in North America. He says the expansion “will further strengthen our brand and position as a leading refrigeration manufacturer.”

For several years now, South Carolina has been leading the nation with new manufacturing operations. Until recently, Charleston had been more of a tourist town. That changed when Boeing came to town and developed a massive passenger jet manufacturing facility. “Boeing signaled a fundamental change for Charleston,” said S.C. Commerce Secretary Bobby Hitt in an article published earlier this year. “Charleston has now become a pretty strong manufacturing name.”

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That means demand for skilled workers is on the rise. According to the Charleston Business Journal, Mercedes-Benz Vans needs to hire 1,300 workers for its expanding van manufacturing campus in North Charleston by the end of the decade. And Volvo Cars plans to hire at least 2,000 people by 2018 to build its new S60 sedans in Berkeley County.

There’s just one problem. Actually, it’s just a problem for the employers. For potential employees, it’s an opportunity. Manufacturers continue to struggle to find skilled people to work in their advanced automated facilities. As a result, they are often forced to recruit people from out of state.

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Refrigeration Company Expands Operations in South Carolina

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