Steps to Become a Nurse: Where Should I Get Started?

Steps to Become a Nurse: Where Should I Get Started?

As the Baby Boomer generation enters its golden years, its population is making more demands on the healthcare sector. They will eventually require intensive nursing care, but before they get to that stage, they are looking for more and more nursing support in the form of preventative care.

This new crop of enthusiastic seniors has created an increased demand for nurses. If you enjoy working with and helping people, if you have nerves of steel and, face it, a stomach to match, and you want to use your manual, technical, and people skills to help people live longer, happier, healthier, active lives, then you may be a candidate to join the nursing profession.

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How do you become a nurse?

It all starts with education. For someone just starting out, an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) is a great goal. This degree should show you the basics of nursing, provide you with hands-on experience, and teach you skills such as bedside manner, medication dosage, and much more.

Once you take the NCLEX-RN exam and pass it, you could start looking for work as a registered nurse. This is also a great move because this leaves you room to grow. You could go back for your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and, after that, a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Earning these degrees could provide you with more opportunities and more responsibilities. But it all starts with the ADN.

What skills and knowledge does an associate degree in nursing impart?

The core curriculum includes instruction in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, acute care, medical/surgical nursing, microbiology, and maternal/newborn nursing. If you have earned your degree, you will be in a position to take the State Board of Nursing's RN-NCLEX exam, which will equip you for a job as a registered nurse.

How can you develop yourself personally and professionally outside of school?

There are many ways you can supplement your formal education to prepare yourself for a career in a demanding and satisfying career in nursing.

Volunteer your time

Not only will you learn valuable skills and acquire experience by volunteering in a medical setting, it will add sparkle to your resume, demonstrate a serious commitment to the profession, and introduce you to professionals who can help mentor your early career and possibly provide you with references and other assistance on the career ladder.

Develop a support network

While nursing can be intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying, it is going to be grueling hard work fraught with physical and psychological challenges. Learn how to lean on your family, spouse, and friends who can help you along the way. Have conversations with them. Tell them what you are facing and ask them how they are prepared to back you up.

Social networking

There are a vast wealth of nursing organizations, forums, blogs, and other resources on the internet from which you can draw vast intelligence. Identify leading nursing journalists and educators and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

As you meet fellow students and other like-minded people, create groups on Facebook and Twitter so you can form support groups as you pursue your education and get started in the profession. You will find that these people are facing the same feelings and challenges that you are, and you can nurture each other through the tough times and help each other to your successes. The whole will definitely be bigger and better than the sum of its parts.

Steps to Become a Nurse: Where Should I Get Started?

Getting started

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