Steps to Becoming a Nurse after High School

Steps to Becoming a Nurse after High School

As graduation day gets closer and closer, everyone always has one question for you; what are you doing after high school? If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, there’s excellent news. Your chosen profession is a difficult one, but equally rewarding.

Additionally, you don’t have to remain in college for years upon years in order to get the credentials you need to work in a medical facility. With accelerated classes, you could earn your degree sooner and start looking for your dream job faster. Here’s some more information about accelerated nursing programs and how to make the leap from high school to college a smooth transition.

What Can I Do in High School to Help Prepare for Nursing School?

If you have your heart set on becoming a nurse, start researching now what nursing school admissions are looking for. They might look for students who take AP courses in biology or anatomy or other sciences. They might be looking for individuals who have a strong GPA and a history of volunteering in the community.

Tell your guidance counselor your plans for after school and they should be able to help you outline your senior schedule. They might help you to improve upon weak areas, which admissions staff will be looking for. Clubs and volunteer work outside of high school might seem like overkill when you’re taking AP classes, but extracurricular activities show you can work with a diverse group of people and you’re able to enrich yourself and dedicate yourself to a cause. All characteristics of a good nurse!

How Can I Decide which College to Attend?

When narrowing down what university or college you want to attend, consider visiting any contenders within travel area. Ask for a tour and see where you will be studying and learning. See if you can talk to any current students around campus and ask them what they think about the school. This is a great chance to ask questions and narrow down your choices.

Why Should I Consider Enrolling in an Accelerated Nursing School?

The obvious answer that you will be able to graduate sooner. But there are other benefits to accelerated nursing schools as well. Students at accelerated schools tend to be more dedicated and career-focused. You won’t find slackers and party people in an accelerated nursing school like you might at a four-year college. If you’re intent on becoming a nurse, it can be easier to work around those who have the same goals and won’t distract you from your studies.

Will I Miss Out on the Traditional College Experience?

When people think of a traditional college experience it’s often less than academic and more socially motivated. An accelerated nursing school will most likely not have the same culture as a four-year institution, especially one where students live on campus.

But just because you had a different college experience doesn’t mean that you didn’t have one at all. Some college students don’t want to party or sleep through class. It’s great there is an option for those who want a traditional college experience and those who aren’t interested, so each can get what they need out of their education.

Steps to Becoming a Nurse after High School

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