Website Quality Expectations: What Do Professional Web Developers Need to Deliver?

Website Quality Expectations: What Do Professional Web Developers Need to Deliver?

Technology has become an important part of our daily lives and it is always changing. Almost all electronics have some programming behind them. Websites have revolutionized how we do things, for example, social media websites such as Facebook have become an important way of communicating with friends and families, and businesses are also using them to engage their customers.

Web developers have created websites for listening to music and playing games among many other purposes. In order to become a professional web developer, you need to learn coding languages such as CSS, HTML, jQuery, and JavaScript.

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Marks of a Quality Website

A website is an application that is easily accessible by the public. Therefore, a website should be likable and usable. Other marks of a quality website include:


A website is developed for a specific purpose and to solve a certain problem, for instance, where a website is meant for employers to post jobs. When a job candidate applies for the job, there should be a way that the employer and the candidate can communicate. In case you develop a job board that only allows employers to post jobs, then it will be incomplete.


A website should be visually appealing, professional, and well-polished. Keep in mind that a website reflects the image of a business, company or an organization. This means that a website may be the only impression it has to its target clients.

According to Smashing Magazine, an attractive website is more likely to give a good impression and engage visitors. Because more and more businesses and organizations are populating the web, the only way for them to maintain a competitive edge is to attract customers and keep their attention.

Easy to navigate

As a web developer, you need to create websites that are easy to navigate, especially if you’re developing an e-Commerce website. You can do this by having clear categories for different products or services to make it easier for visitors to find what they are searching for. Nothing frustrates visitors more than having to spend several minutes trying to figure out how to use a website.

Mobile responsive

If you conduct a simple “mobile vs. desktop internet users statistics” search on Google, you will be awed by the huge number of mobile users. Regardless of the type of website you want to develop, you should always consider visitors who may be using mobile devices. According to a recent study by Google, over 70 percent of mobile users said that mobile-friendly websites were very important to them.


As the number of cybercriminals increase, security has become a major concern to web visitors. Therefore, as you develop websites, you should ensure that they are secure by following the industry standards and guidelines. For instance, websites that have user registration feature should have encrypted passwords. Additionally, you should also ensure that all the websites you develop use SSL encryption.

What Web Designers and Developers Should Consider When Working on a Website

Creating a website can be a daunting task, especially when working with new clients. However, there are a few things that you should always think about to not only create websites that meet the needs of your clients but also exceed their expectations.

What the business stands for

Although most web developers think that design is the biggest hurdle when creating a website, before you decide on the look of the brand, you need to establish what the business stands for. After you know the brand values and intention, the design will come naturally.


A recent survey revealed that consumers take a split second to make up their mind whether to purchase a product or not. Therefore, a bad user experience will make them change their mind and move on to other competitors. While a client may think that they want a dazzling website, simplicity can help them meet their business needs.

Formal Education will Help you Avoid Common Mistakes

Designing an effective website takes a lot of hard work, and without formal education in web design and development, you may make a few bad choices that can lead to a web design that doesn’t help businesses achieve their goals. Some of the mistakes you should avoid include:

  • Incomplete input validation: It’s a must that you validate user input on the clients’ server side to avoid SQL Injection.
  • Failing to develop for different screen sizes: To ensure that users navigate the website seamlessly, ensure that the website is accessible from all types of devices.
  • Creating a site that takes too long to load: No one wants to wait for every single page to load when they're trying to browse products or access information. Websites should be fast and efficient so no matter if they're on their smartphone or using their laptop, customers can access what they need.

Website Quality Expectations: What Do Professional Web Developers Need to Deliver?

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