What Can you Do with an MSN in Nursing?

What Can you Do with an MSN in Nursing?

The nursing field, along with the healthcare field, has changed greatly in the last few years. With more people having access to medical care and the Baby Boomer generation reaching old age and requiring the associated treatment, there has been a greater need than ever for nursing professionals.

This is why many nurses who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are interested in earning a graduate degree in their field. This degree could give them opportunities for more responsibility, different jobs in the nursing field, and the opportunity to be a healthcare leader. Let’s take a look at what a nurse could do upon graduating with an MSN degree.

Opportunities Abound With the Requisite Level of Training

Here are some of the options you might explore with MSN degree specializations: Health Systems Leadership and Nursing Education. In order to work in these fields, a specialization is usually expected. Which is why it’s important to study at a school that provides the specific education you’ll need for your dream job.

Health Systems Leadership

If you are a registered nurse and want to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare systems, then this is the program for you. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach in training that draws knowledge from quality improvement and management, finance, law and policies among other disciplines, registered nurses are equipped with innovative tools and solutions to respond to the current health challenges.

An MSN graduate with an inclination to Health System Leadership is prepared to take up positions of leadership and managerial positions within the wide spectrum of health care setting. Examples include:

  • Nurse Manager: you will wear many job hats as a nurse manager. Stretching from a supervisory role over a team of nurses to overseeing paperwork and to being the point of contact among the hospital staff.
  • Quality Improvement Director: tasked to streamline workflow and improve care delivery more efficiently and effectively in health care settings.
  • Patient Safety Director: the financial and health implications associated with medical errors, underscores the need for a qualified personnel to ensure patients are safe from harm.

Nursing Education

The MSN degree with a concentration in education opens new frontiers other than practicing clinical nursing. When student nurses are being turned away from nursing schools due to acute shortage of faculty staff, therein lies an opportunity for a registered nurse to advance their career path.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2016-2017), reported that 64,067 student nurses at both graduate and undergraduate level with the prerequisite qualifications had to be turned away chiefly due to staff shortage.

The opportunities are endless in for MSN graduate with a concentration in Nursing Education. Here are just a few:

  • Patient education: roles will involve teaching patients how best they can manage their health conditions as well as designing health promotion programs to improve the wellness of the members of their communities.
  • Clinical nurse educator: entrusted with the task of generating the next line of professional nurses. A holder of an MSN coupled with the hands-on experience makes a perfect suit for the aforementioned role.
  • Director of Professional Practice: plays a vital role in communication, management of programs, research and fiscal management, among others to ensure the facility attains a Magnet status.
  • Director of staff development: coordinating of staff training. Increase staff efficiency through training and continued education for the practicing staff.
  • Nursing faculty: nurse researchers that are involved in evidence-based practice studies to improve healthcare delivery. Working in tandem with the doctorate holders to ensure a steady flow of competent workforce through mentoring and education.

What Can you Do with an MSN in Nursing?

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