What Does a Mechatronics Technician Do in their Everyday Duties?

What Does a Mechatronics Technician Do in their Everyday Duties?

You may not be familiar with mechatronics technicians or what they do, because it is an emerging field utilizing robots taking over some of the jobs that were previously done by humans. In short, Mechatronics is a field of engineering that delves into the principles of design and production of automated equipment. The job merges a number of different disciplines including electrical, mechanical, and technology skills.

If you are detail-oriented, have an interest in electrical systems, like to know how things work, and have a natural aptitude for complex math, for you may want to explore a future as a mechatronics technician and pursue a degree in the field that could give you the real-world knowledge and skills employers demand.

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What Does a Mechatronics Technician Do?

Those that want to pursue a future in mechatronics should plan to use engineering and mathematical principals to implement and maintain electronic systems like  those used for computers. It is a new field that is considered a multi-craft, and which focuses on the skills needed to work on robotics and 'smart' equipment. A mechatronics technician may be tasked with working on anything from banking machines to multi-million dollar, highly complex mechanical equipment.

Often mechatronics technicians assist in the design/development and engineering staff to develop, repair, and maintain electronic/robotic systems and individual components. They may be involved in the development of a product from the conception through testing and production.

Why is Education Important?

It is critical to have a strong educational background if you plan to be a mechatronics technician. An associate degree is typically required for a job as a mechatronics technician, those that choose to become a mechatronics engineer usually need a bachelor’s degree.

The educational programs focus on offering hands-on, real-world experiences by applying engineering principals. Without a formal education, you wouldn’t be able to learn the complexities involved in the mechatronics field.

While in school, you will probably learn:

  • Applied mechanics
  • Programmable controls
  • Pneumatics and hydraulic principals
  • Computer software/hardware
  • Materials science
  • Analog and digital communications
  • Automation/controls
  • Computer programming

Upon completion of your educational program, you should be able to:

  • Utilize testing and measurement instruments to analyze situations and design systems and processes
  • Find viable solutions for technical problems
  • Manage complete projects from concept through completion

A Formal Education Positions You for a Job as a Mechatronics Technician

The best way to get a “leg up” as a mechatronics technician is to earn your degree from an accredited school.

Upon graduation, you could find a wide range of opportunities available to you, based on your individual interests and your course of study. Some of the possible paths you may wish to follow are:

  • Engineering consultant
  • Electrical technologist
  • Industrial or product manager
  • Project manager or coordinator
  • Computer engineering technician

Some specific sectors include technology jobs in:

  • Biotech
  • Medical
  • Computer technology
  • Communications/information services
  • Distribution
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Heavy construction
  • Mining and refining in the chemical industry
  • Transportation
  • Industrial machinery

What Does a Mechatronics Technician Do in their Everyday Duties?

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