What is Mechatronics Technology?

What is Mechatronics Technology?

The manufacturing industry is changing--fast. When it comes to smart machines working with people, the future is now. The professionals who work with robotic machines are known as mechatronics engineering technologists, and they are transforming the way that we live, work, and play. You may have many questions about this strange field and how it is changing the game in manufacturing. Let’s take a closer look at the technology behind mechatronics and the impact that it has had on a variety of fields.

What Is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements of engineering, machining, information technology, robotics, and electronics. It synergizes these diverse fields for the purpose of designing and field testing new and more efficient machine solutions to keep production lines and manufacturing floors working more smoothly. It began as a way to integrate pieces of machinery such as hydraulics, pneumatics, and other mechanical systems with computerized control systems.

The field has blossomed into a part of the manufacturing industry, with recent innovations such as responsive AI and improved UX design. A typical day for a mechatronics technologist may include checking designs for robotic solutions, helping install new systems, troubleshooting malfunctioning electronics, and maintaining equipment vital to mechanical production.

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Where Can Mechatronics Technology Be Found?

Mechatronics technologists work in many different fields, but they are most commonly found in the manufacturing sector. Any production line that requires fine mechanical precision in environments that may be dangerous or inhospitable to human hands is a candidate for newer and better mechatronic solutions.

The professionals that are skilled in this area of automation can be found working on production lines that range from projects as large as vehicle manufacturing to the tiniest microelectronic products. Mechatronics has had a measurable impact both on the speed with which new products can be assembled, and the price point where profits can be realized from their manufacture.

Why Are Mechatronics Changing The World?

The field of mechatronics is changing the world one automated solution at a time. The benefits to consumers include more affordable and well-made products, and faster production times. The most advanced technology depends on mechatronic applications to fabricate and machine consumer products that you use every day. Mechatronic solutions have been integrated into products to enhance safety, such as anti-lock brake systems and medical imaging equipment. The impact on human health, wellness, and security that these innovations have brought cannot be understated.

How Do I Become An Engineering Technologist?

Although they are primarily craftsmen, the field of mechatronics engineering requires a high degree of education that covers such subjects as software programming, integrated circuits, computer networking, and semiconductor systems. A Bachelor's in Science with a concentration in the specifics of mechatronics is a minimum prerequisite, although advanced positions in the field may require a master’s degree or even a doctorate. In any case, an initial study in a mechatronics program will open doors into the fields of study required.

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