What is the Role of an Ethical Hacker?

What is the Role of an Ethical Hacker?

When you think about a ‘hacker,’ you probably envision a person who loves a good puzzle and likes to go about breaking into computer systems. Someone who knows how to slither their way in and out so as to obtain the information and data they need or want. Many individuals are hackers and are actually paid by enterprises to exactly figure out how a criminal could hack into the organization’s computer system.

These folks are referred to as ethical hackers and are entrusted with the exact determination of how a typical criminal hacker could break into an establishment’s computer systems. Ethical hacking is a growing discipline for persons that are interested in computers; the caveat is that you do not necessarily need a diploma or degree. Nevertheless, any type of post-secondary education is definitely considered an asset to any individual looking to pursue ethical hacking.

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What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking refers to the hacking done by an individual or company to determine where potential security threats could stem from within an organization’s computer network. The information that the ethical hacker unearths is then manipulated to address the potential threats and strengthen the computer network as it is required.

However, there need to be a few parameters in place for hacking to be considered as ethical:

  • You need to have written or expressed permission to probe the company’s network and pinpoint any security risks.
  • You respect the organization’s or person’s privacy.
  • You protect the task you were performing to make sure that you do not get exposed to any potential security threats.
  • You let the hardware manufacturer and software developer know of any perceived security risks that you uncover unless the company was already aware of these threats.

All these parameters being in place signify that you can legally hack an organization’s network to discover any security risks. If any of the aforementioned elements is missing, you are just a regular hacker.

How do You Become an Ethical Hacker?

To become an ethical hacker, you are required to obtain the correct certification, which not only shows that you understand the business and technology implications of hacking to strengthen security, but you also comprehend the ethical necessitations of legal hacking. This means that you need to be a certified hacker to land a government, consulting or corporate job in the field.

Ethical hackers who are certified typically spend their day searching for means to attack information systems and networks. They look for ways they can exploit vulnerable systems just like an illegal hacker does. Their discoveries help governments and business organizations to improve their security and ensure their systems, networks, data, and applications are safe from fraud and theft.

Certification and Exam

To become a certified ethical hacker, you must get certification from the EC-Council. You can only be certified if you pass an exam that costs about $500.

An ethical hacking exam requires that you get appropriate training. Apart from a certification course, a cybersecurity degree will go a long way in helping you pass the exam and land a top job.

This course will also offer you Soft Skill training that is essential to your success as a legal hacker. Social skills are utilized every day in three major ways:

  • Social Engineering. As a certified legal hacker, you will need to convince individuals to trust you with their login details, execute files, or even restart or shut down systems. This is what is known as social engineering, and it needs training and practice.
  • Problem Solving. If you are trying to hack a system ethically, you are bound to encounter roadblocks. You have to think your problem through and unearth an innovative solution to achieve your goal.
  • Communication. You are legally required to report your discoveries and make recommendations for the employer to eliminate vulnerabilities and strengthen security. This means that have to be able to communicate effectively with persons at all levels across the company to disseminate your results and gather information.

Ethical hacking certainly seems like a load of fun, however, the line between illegal and legal hacking is quite fine. When you obtain a certification course, you will get to learn about the ethics and laws of white hat hacking to ensure you do not get into trouble.

What is the Role of an Ethical Hacker?

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