Where is Mobile Application Development Headed in the Next Few Years?

Where is Mobile Application Development Headed in the Next Few Years?

No matter what city or small town you visit the United States, it's very likely that the person sitting across from you at the restaurant or who you pass on the sidewalk has a mobile device in their pocket.

iPhones and tablets have become an integral part of today's culture and thus it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of opportunities for those who are interested in developing and designing applications that are accessible via mobile devices. Such is the avenue of mobile application development.

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The Basics of Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the act of creating software for small wireless computing devices via established procedures and processes. Mobile application developers or programmers use software development kids to design and test code applications that will become usable programs. For example, two of the primary types of mobile applications programmers will develop include:

  • Native applications. Native applications are those created specifically for a device platform such as iOS or Android and are downloadable or installable via the global application store to be accessed on the device itself. Most people today are familiar with this type of mobile application as it includes social media applications like Facebook and Pinterest as well as games and navigation programs like Waze. These types of mobile applications are designed to take advantage of the mobile device's incorporated features such as the camera and GPS.
  • Web or HTML5 applications. This type of mobile application is based on standard universal web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. This style of application is built to be implemented as a website that simulates the appearance of native applications thereby allowing users to easily access websites via their browsers.

Changing Technologies Make a Formal Degree in Mobile Application Development More Valuable

Most of us have heard the stories of entrepreneurial programmers who got into the mobile application development game early and went on to create wildly successful programs. However, the field is rapidly changing with increasingly complex AI technologies making it more important than ever for those interested in joining this field to start first with enrollment in a targeted degree program such as a one in software development.

A lot of businesses and organizations rely now on AI-based software that collects and analyzes user data so they can better serve those users. Today's AI uses predictive insights via a combination of big data analysis and cloud applications and the future of mobile apps will increase how organizations strategically use this data to improve their customers' experiences.

In fact, one of the biggest causes for any given mobile app to fail is due to its inability to provide relevant content that engages its users or has a clunky interface that makes it hard for users to navigate.

What Kind of Degree Should I Earn?

Enrolling in a formal education program like a bachelor's degree program in software development is a great choice because during that program students will learn not just about those programming fundamentals upon which all mobile applications are based, but also about the changes AI and increased reliance on cloud-based services are making on the business world.

Software development courses cover a broad range of topics with the aim of sending graduates out into the real world with training, skills, and expertise to succeed. That's because while you might focus on mobile applications and their development, a formal education in any computer science and information technology degree program will also provide students with curriculum also involving:

  • Algorithms and logic programming. This type of curriculum teaches students how to use and apply algorithms to the design and development of procedural and object-oriented computer programs
  • Web design. How can you create mobile applications without a thorough understanding of web design? A formal education in computer design includes classes in using basic hypertext markup language, scripting, and presentational technologies so that students can create complex websites as well as mobile applications.
  • Information systems fundamentals with an emphasis on business systems. Because most graduates of a computer science degree will go on to work in a business, for profit setting, this type of curriculum will include courses in finance, marketing, and sales as well as those involving understanding the role of information processing in the modern business environment.

Where is Mobile Application Development Headed in the Next Few Years?

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