Why Healthcare Administration? 6 Reasons Why You Belong in this Field

Why Healthcare Administration? 6 Reasons Why You Belong in this Field

Pursuing a degree in healthcare administration (HCA) should give you a good overview of all the career options that exist following graduation. Your classes should provide a strong foundation that will serve you well in a wide range of different healthcare careers.

Some options could include working directly with patients, others may be more administrative positions such as overseeing a practice or working with insurance companies as a “go between” between patients and insurance providers.

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What Will I Study in Healthcare Administration?

As part of your coursework in HCA, you should take a variety of different courses that will prepare your many different specialties. Some of the classes you should expect to take include:

  • Managed patient care
  • Practice and business management
  • Financial responsibility
  • Innovative medical technologies
  • Ongoing healthcare research
  • Long-term patient care
  • Special healthcare delivery systems

Is a Job in Healthcare Administration the Right Fit for You?

Since HCA offers so many options, you will have many different areas of study to ensure that your education is well rounded for both the healthcare and business aspect of your career. Certain personality types are especially well suited for this career.

If you possess these traits and skills you may belong in the healthcare administration field:

  1. Possess good communication skills: In HCA, you will need to communicate with patients, explain treatment modalities to patients and families going through challenging medical issues.
  2. You are understanding and nurturing: HCA leaders will care about their patients and be able to offer them sympathy and encouragement during rough times.
  3. You have the ability to handle stress: Those in the healthcare field often find themselves in stressful situations so they need to be able to handle their stress, so they don’t pass it on to patients or co-workers.
  4. You are good working in a team situation: It is imperative that HCA’s work well with patients, their families and other healthcare workers on the team. They often work as conduits between the patient and the physician, so they need to be able to work together as a team.
  5. You are detail oriented: HCA’s must pay attention to medication, chart notes and other key criteria that affect the health and lives of their patients. They also need to be able to spot issues before they become critical errors.
  6. You thrive in a fast-paced environment: HAC’s need to respond quickly to medical emergencies so they can get patients the care they need as soon as possible.

Healthcare Administration Responsibilities

As stated, HCA’s have a wide range of responsibilities. You will generally be tasked with:

  • Monitor budgets and preparing reports
  • Coordinate staff schedules and maintain records
  • Maintain and update patient medical records, admissions and insurance information
  • Track and order office supplies
  • Understand and adhere to healthcare regulations
  • Maintain expense records and find cost-reducing measures and efficiencies
  • Know the latest technologies in both the medical and practice operations areas

Why Healthcare Administration? 6 Reasons Why You Belong in this Field

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