Is Software Development Hard: What Can I Expect as a Software Development Major?

Is Software Development Hard: What Can I Expect as a Software Development Major?

Software development is a growing industry as new smartphone and tablet apps are constantly being created. Additionally, as healthcare and medical insurance carriers switch over to digital record keeping, the demand will continue to grow.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment of software developers is projected to grow 24% until 2026, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.” As our reliance on computers, smartphones and tablets increase, so does the need for customized software products that meet the need of the various business entities.

If you are looking to change career paths or looking to start a career with numerous jobs available and the opportunity to advance, becoming a software developer may be the perfect job for you.

Do You have the Hard and Soft Skills to be a Software Developer?

There are many skills, both hard and soft, that will be beneficial to those looking into software development as a career. Here are some soft skills/personal attributes that someone should have when pursuing a career in software development:

  • Communication: Effective communication is important for programmers. They need to communicate by both verbally and through writing in order to provide instructions to other team members. Just as important as it is to communicate, listening is also a critical skill.
  • Work as a team: You may be tasked with working with clients, developers, designers and project teams, so it is important that you work together in order to have a successful outcome.
  • Problem solving: Overcoming problems is part of working and is inevitable. How you handle the problem will impact your career and the company you work for. Problem solving is a marketable skill and one that employers look for and it shows that you are dedicated to finding a resolution to a problem and not give up prematurely.
  • Time management: Software developers often juggle several projects, so it is important to be organized, be able to prioritize projects and manage your time effectively.

Hard skills or “technical skills” can vary depending on the type of career path each developer may learn during their course work:

  • SQL
  • JAVA
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft C#
  • Linux
  • .NET Programming
  • Oracle
  • C++
  • Python
  • XML

What Your Key Responsibilities will be as a Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for the entire development process for a software program. They work closely with programmers who write the software code (they may also write the code themselves) and test it based on a clients’ specific needs. The ensure that the program works properly in the testing stage, if it doesn’t meet the requirements, it’s back to the drawing board.

Depending on your job, you may do the following:

  • Applications software developer: responsible for designing computer applications used in word processing, game development, custom software products for clients, commercial software for the public and Internet-based programs used by individual businesses.
  • System software developers: develop operating systems that keep computers functioning, developing a system’s interface enabling users to interact with the computers, develop systems used by smart phones.
  • Security software products: with the security breaches experienced by retail and other businesses, there is a need for higher-level security protocols, which many software developers are being tasked with.

Your Job as a Software Developing

Getting a strong education is important and could open the door to many good job prospects. The more up to date your knowledge is, the better chance you must obtain a good position. As a software developer, you could be tasked with the following:

  • Assess the clients’ needs then design, test, and develop software based on that criteria
  • Suggest upgrades to help customers’ existing programs to run better
  • Create diagrams to show programmers the codes needed to complete the project
  • Keep records on each application/system for upgrades and maintenance

    Document every aspect of an application or system as a reference for future maintenance and upgrades
  • Collaborate with internal teams to develop the best programs possible

Is Software Development Hard: What Can I Expect as a Software Development Major?

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