IT Company Offering $2,000 Referral Bonuses to Attract New Employees in Northern Virginia

IT Company Offering $2,000 Referral Bonuses to Attract New Employees in Northern Virginia

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In the world of economics, when a good or service is not easily available, the price goes up. The same could be said for people and salaries. For years, employers in the IT field have been coping with a growing skills gap. There are simply not enough qualified applicants to fill the number of open jobs. Northern Virginia, home of one of the ECPI University campuses, has this same problem.

Now, Leidos is upping its efforts to bring new employees to its doorstep. Already the largest IT services contractor to the federal government, it is perpetually trying to fill positions. According to a recent news report by the Washington Business Journal, it hires nearly 7,000 new people each year, and averages upwards of 1,400 open positions at any given time.

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That’s why Leidos is now offering bonuses to non-employees of $2,000 for every referral that results in a new hire. When you look at the numbers, it’s no wonder why they are working so hard to find talent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, projected growth (2016-2026) and average salaries are on the incline:

Position                                               Growth                        Median Wage

Information Security Analysts             28%                             $92,600

Software Developers                          24%                             $102,280

Database Administrators                    11%                             $84,950

Web Developers                                 13%                             $66,130

Headquartered in Reston, Leidos is just one of many IT employers in Northern Virginia. Nearby Loudoun County is often referred to as home to the internet. In fact, up to 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic flows through Loudoun’s data centers each day.

That makes a decision to pursue a Computer and Information Science degree at ECPI University a pretty smart one. At its nearby Northern Virginia campus in Manassas, you can earn a Bachelor’s degree in as little as 2.5 years through its year-round accelerated program. Degree paths include:

  • Cyber and Network Security – Develop networks in Windows, CISCO, and UNIX environments, and design and implement network security plans to keep hackers at bay and networks secure.
  • Software Development – Learn to develop efficient and scalable programs, mobile and web applications, and cloud-based software using languages and technologies such as Java, C#, Python, HTML5/CSS, Android, jQuery, Cloud providers, and MongoDB.
  • Cloud Computing – Using cloud and virtualization, you can learn how to set up servers and software clients, create large storage solutions, utilize cloud technologies, and deploy thin applications for a wide range of organizational networks.
  • Web Design and Development – Develop skills in a wide spectrum of areas, including UX design, web client and server scripting, database design and scripting, programming, accessible web page interfaces, interactive data-driven web pages, and optimized digital media.

IT Company Offering $2,000 Referral Bonuses to Attract New Employees in Northern Virginia

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