Mechanical Engineering Technology Graduate Careers

Mechanical Engineering Technology Opportunities

A degree earned in the field of mechanical engineering technology could prepare candidates for a future in various public and private industries. This includes product design and fabrication, CAD and computer graphics, automated machinery management, manager overseeing the working of the industrial plant, heat and cold machine management, transport machinery maintenance, aerodynamics, as well as system control.

In the Field

Let's take a look at some of the specific roles that a mechanical engineer technician could be eligible for. Some positions may require experience, certifications, or even more education. Always be sure you know the exact qualifications for a position.

1. Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Requiring high levels of expertise for their chosen discipline within the field of mechanical engineering, consultants are often brought in to solve a particular problem for the company within a limited amount of time. It could be your role to gain a full understanding of the client's problem and the kind of resolution they desire, and then use your skills to bring about a satisfactory conclusion.

2. Product and Material Testing Technologist

Performing product function inspections as well as monitoring test procedures and regularly checking the industrial equipment to ensure the highest-quality output for the company.

3. Drafting and Computer Graphics Engineer

Creating visual effects integrated with graphics which could be used for the designing of various software application, including but not limited to video games and operating systems. Your familiarity with computer engineering could be of significant assistance in this particular field.

4. Quality Management Engineer

You need to have a deep understanding of the principles of quality evaluation and control of products and services according to whichever quality management standard your company follows. Work is usually found in manufacturing plants, where every step of the production process takes place under the quality engineer's supervision.

5. Industrial Engineer

You could develop job evaluation programs, which could be used to eliminate waste in the production process. Also, devising systems that increase the efficiency of workers, machines, materials, information and energy by providing them with an integrated platform of operation for the purpose of making a product or providing a service.

6. Product Engineer

You could be in charge of the process of designing and developing the device that the company sells. You could also be in charge of designing the assembly or system of production that could be used to manufacture the product on a larger scale for the market. It could be your responsibility to ensure that the product meets the specifications and goals of the company in every manner before it goes into production.

7. Production Manager

It could be your task to ensure that the production process which is responsible for the creation of the product is as efficient as possible, in order to reduce costs and improve time of production while minimizing the generation of wasteful byproducts.

Various principles of engineering and management science are required. You could be in charge of analyzing and planning work flow, space requirements, and equipment layout.

8. Transportation Engineer

Highway engineering and infrastructure design are the two main areas of engagement for a transportation engineer. Other than roads, you can always find employment in the construction and maintenance of airways and canals as well as seaports. You could be required to employ various engineering principles to plan and implement the functional design as well as operation and management of facilities that are used as a mode of transportation.

Being a transportation engineer requires a great deal of ruggedness, since most of the duties involve the presence of heavy duty, noisy and dangerous machinery while standing exposed to harsh weather.

9. Power and Energy Engineer

This is one of the newest fields to come out of engineering in recent times. Your role would require your involvement in the production of energy through natural and renewable means. You could be in charge of dealing with the energy efficiency of the system, management of the facility and energy equipment.

You could also have to make sure the manufacturing plant complies with the rules and regulations regarding energy use, and creating a map of future energy technologies that your company can use to further improve the energy production and consumption process.

Growth Opportunities 

If you desire to expand your opportunities within the field, you also have the option of gaining further education beyond a basic bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering technology. This would increase your skill set and make you eligible for more highly specialized roles.

Options are available for an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology, with both programs offering plenty of opportunities to graduates within public and private sector industries.

What Jobs are there for Mechanical Engineering Technology Graduates?

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