U.S. News & World Report College Rankings finds ECPI University Online Bachelor’s Programs Among Top 10 Percent

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According to a recent report by Digital Learning Compass, there are now about 6,000,000 people nationwide who are enrolled in higher education distance courses. Moreover, 30% of all college students are taking at least one online course. As online learning continues to grow, the focus is now squarely on quality and outcomes. And that makes U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of America’s colleges and universities all the more relevant.

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In a recently released report, U.S. News & World Report placed ECPI University among the nation’s best for online Bachelor degree programs. Data analysts for the publication ranked online learning programs based on performance within four categories:

  • Student Engagement: Quality programs promote participation among online students and create ways for them to interact with faculty and fellow classmates, keeping them engaged and on track for graduation.
  • Student Services and Technology: Faculty employ advanced teaching technologies and simulation software replicates the in-seat experience online. School provides students with highly-accessible financial, academic, and career service advisors.
  • Faculty Credentials and Training: Faculty members are both highly credentialed and trained to accommodate the needs of distance learners.
  • Peer Reputation: Feedback from high-ranking academic officials and employers provide insights not always captured by empirical data.

With approximately 1,000 colleges and universities currently offering online programs, the U.S. News & World Report ranking (94th) positions ECPI University among the nation’s best. What’s more, it ranked ECPI University’s online bachelor’s program tops for veterans as well (#54).

“Our staff has been working diligently to provide the best educational experience for our students,” says ECPI University Vice President of eLearning and Online Education Aaron Wettstein.

Currently, ECPI University offers more than 20 degree programs online, including:

“Our faculty and curriculum provide an engaging learning environment where our students are prepared using the latest innovative technologies,” says Wettstein.

That means interacting with students weekly via live Zoom lecture sessions and on-demand tutoring through an intuitive, user-friendly learning management system, and ECPI University’s popular Mobile APP 2.0. Virtualization and simulation labs serve to create a hands-on learning environment linked to real-world applications. At ECPI University, we like to say that ECPI University Online bridges the “distance” in distance education.

U.S. News & World Report College Rankings

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