Online Degree Programs FAQ

Online Degree Programs FAQ

Let’s face it: life gets busy. Sometimes it feels like your schedule is controlling you, not the other way around. At ECPI University, we believe online education should adapt to your schedule. It’s education on your terms. You determine the pace, and complete coursework anytime and anywhere there’s a web connection. Through that web portal, a whole world can open up.

At ECPI University, we combine advanced simulation software and web-based networking with good old-fashion personal attention to create a virtual learning environment that is both stimulating and engaging. No doubt, you have questions. So, here are the answers to some of the most common ones.

Q: Is a degree earned online equivalent to one earned on campus?

A: Yes—the curriculum, standards of learning, and requirements for graduation are exactly the same. The fact is that online degree programs differ from traditional programs in one respect only; the method of delivery. With modern simulation software and a wide variety of forums, social media, chat, and text options, online students are now able to interact with faculty members and students to a degree that was previously not possible. You can learn from highly-respected faculty members who provide the same level of academic rigor and assessment found in most any traditional classroom environment.

Q: Will my degree indicate that it was earned online?

A: Online is only the delivery system for your program—your degree has the same value as one earned in seat. Therefore it will appear the same in print: ECPI University.

Q: Are ECPI University’s online programs fully-accredited?

A: Yes. ECPI University is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate, baccalaureate, and master degrees as well as diploma programs.

Q: Can I use my veteran’s benefits to pay for my online degree?

A: The VA makes no distinction between online and classroom learning. All schools approved for VA benefits – such as ECPI University – can work with you to utilize your benefits. Additionally, ECPI University is a Yellow Ribbon participant and approved to offer VA Benefits and also participates in many existing scholarship programs for military members.

Q: How long will it take for me to complete my degree?

A: ECPI University offers class year-round. By taking two classes during every 5-week term, you can earn your Bachelor’s degree in just 2.5 years or an Associate’s degree in 1.5 years.

Q: Can I take part in graduation ceremonies if I earn my degree online?

A: Most definitely. Each year, online students from across the country attend ECPI University graduations so they can experience the joy of walking across the stage and receiving their degree in front of an enthusiastic audience!

Q: How many times will I have to go to campus?

A: You will never have to go to a campus. If you wish to visit a campus, we’d be happy to see you, but it’s certainly not required. Faculty, staff, and advisors are available online or by phone . . . and at your convenience.

Q: What are online courses really like?

A: First and foremost, they are highly-interactive and engaging. Advanced simulation software and robust communication tools allow you to converse with faculty and classmates, as well as work on group projects. Many students have told us they’ve met some of their best friends while attending class online.

Q: I’m employed full-time; will I have time to complete an online degree?

A: Yes, although it will be challenging. ECPI University’s online programs are designed to be flexible and convenient, and they are ideal for the working professional. We have an accelerated track or a normal track and you decide how fast or how slow you wish to proceed based on your schedule.

Q: How do tests work in an online degree program?

A: Many of our online courses measure comprehension and progress through papers and projects. However, there are open-book tests throughout your time at ECPI University Online.

Q: As I am approaching graduation, is there someone who can help me with the job search?

A: ECPI University’s Online campus has a comprehensive Career Services Department that is available to help you with crafting a job search strategy, resume preparation, writing cover letters, interview coaching, and more. ECPI University has relationships with thousands of employers nationwide and can also help you target the right job opportunities that fit your skill set.

Q: How do I get started?

A: You may request more information or chat with an admissions advisor by clicking the Request More Information button located throughout our website and filling out the simple form.

Q: If I have more questions, who should I contact? (Online information)

A: You can use our website’s chat feature, call 844.334.4680, or fill out the simple “Request More Information” form located throughout the website to request more information.

If we missed something or you would like more detailed information, please contact us (add hyperlink or contact form). Our admission advisors standing by and are at your service!