Crime Statistics Virginia Campuses

Crime Statistics Virginia Campuses (Hampton Roads)

The ECPI University Virginia Beach Campus include the locations listed below:

Virginia Beach, VA

Newport News, VA

Norfolk, VA (Culinary)

Caveat: The University refers and assists students in acquiring housing in various apartment complexes. Data here has been aggregated across 7 apartment complexes (6 in Virginia Beach and 1 in Norfolk) used during 2013 and the university was able to identify crimes reported at all 7 of the complexes. While reporting requirements allow reporting to be isolated to only the apartments in use by students and hallways to access them, data could only be acquired for the entire area of the apartment complex, therefore it is believed that data reported here is greatly overstated, and may not represent accurate crime totals when isolated to student accessed areas.
Please note: Only offense information was available for Norfolk, not arrest information.

A copy of the full report is available from Dept. of ED Campus Safety and Security List (entering "ECPI University" in the "Name of Institution" field) or can be dowloaded in PDF FORMAT.