Apply Now in 3 Easy Steps

You can schedule an appointment by clicking the "Request Information" button located at the top right of every webpage on this site or by calling any of our local or toll free telephone numbers. Getting started with ECPI University is an easy and straight forward process. Simply...

1) Schedule
an appointment

Schedule an appointment to meet with an Admissions Advisor and discuss your career goals, interests and needs, and financial planning. You will learn about the programs of study, student services, and career services assistance.

2) Determine your preparedness

Determine your preparedness to undertake college-level coursework, which includes the applicant’s understanding of basic math and English concepts. The type of assessment is dependent upon the applicant’s program of interest.

3) Complete
your application

Complete your application for acceptance, complete all required enrollment paperwork, submit your application fee and meet with financial aid to determine your financial aid availability.

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