Benefits of being an Operating Room Nurse

Benefits of being an Operating Room Nurse

An Operating Room (OR) is one of the main the nerve centers of the hospital, where the work of providing relief to patients from their ailments is carried out. Nurses are an invaluable part of the OR. Let's look at the duties they carry out within the Operation Room.

Pre-Operative RN

In the pre-operative area, the registered nurse (also known as the circulating nurse) interviews the patient to make sure he or she is aware of the medical procedure which is about to take place and has agreed to it fully. If a patient has special health concerns, those are addressed, and the nurse explains the details of the operation to the patient.

Nurse's Diagnosis

Based on the information received, the nurse will then draw up a diagnosis of the patient's health, and the possible effects the medical procedure will have on them. The patient's safety is the first priority for the medical team.

Nurse Technician

The nurse makes arrangements within the OR for the operation which is to take place. Equipment is moved to a more convenient position. Surgical supplies are kept near the operation table. Special supplies needed for the patient as determined by the nurse's notes are also kept on hand. A nurse might be on hand with the anesthetist to help calm a patient’s nerves before going under.

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Scrub Nurse

While the operation is taking place, the scrub nurse works with the technician nurse to protect the sterility of the operative field. All the smaller problems such a tear in the surgeon's glove, the patient feeling cold, or having to place catheters inside the patient, are all attended to by the nurse so the surgeon can focus on performing the operation.

It is up to the circulating nurse to observe the proceedings with care to ensure the smooth transition of the patient from preoperative to operative and finally to postoperative stages of surgery.


There are many reasons why nurses look forward to being able to take a shift in the operating room, which include:

You Help the Neediest Patients

Nursing is all about caring, and as an OR nurse, you get to care for the more seriously ill or injured patients who truly need your help to survive. Helping save the lives of the patients in the OR is one of the most rewarding aspects of nursing.

Visible Results

Unlike in ordinary nursing, where you provide care over a long period of time, OR nursing allows you to see the immediate effects of your care on the patient's health. You have the personal satisfaction of watching a patient under your care respond positively to the treatment.

Becoming an OR Nurse

Naturally, the work of an OR nurse can be quite hectic and draining. Not everyone is capable of working in the OR over a long period of time. Here are some of the qualities you need to have to become an OR nurse:

Highly Skilled

You need to be able to keep up with the surgeon during the operation, and for that you need to be able to practice sequential prioritizing. You should also be aware of emergency measures during surgery, have knowledge of patient psychology and anatomy, and how to keep the OR free of germs.

Able to Handle Pressure

You will be faced with the unexpected on a daily basis, and you need to be able to come up with a plan quickly and carry it out efficiently to help save the life of your patient. Even the simplest surgery can become very complicated and these complications can happen fast.

Always a Student

Every day, you will learn about new surgery techniques and better ways to serve the patient's needs. You will need to stay on top of all the new information and incorporate it into your training. To become an OR nurse, certification in addition to your RN education might be required, depending on your state.

Not Afraid of Blood and Guts

The OR can be a gory place, and you need to be able to come in contact with the insides of the patient's body every time you enter the OR without feeling sick, nauseous, or being unable to perform your tasks.

Benefits of being an Operating Room Nurse

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