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Every year, countless people postpone what could be a life-changing decision. They know the right kind of college degree could propel them into a new and exciting future, but they also have pressing needs, families to support, and bills to pay. Quitting their jobs and going to school fulltime is just not an option. Of course, there's always online classes, but that's not for everyone.

What if you could have the best of both worlds...classes on campus, supplemented by online courses? That's what ECPI University is now offering with weekend classes at its Newport News and Virginia Beach campuses. Attend class Friday night and Saturday, add in some online classes, and you can earn a Bachelor's degree in as little as 2.5 years, or earn an Associate's degree in just 1.5 years.

"With the new 'traditional student' - formerly the 'non-traditional' student or adult student - now being today's norm, the weekend program is meant to serve the needs of working adults who don't have the time to attend class during the week, day or evening," says Newport News Campus President Dr. John Olson. "This program is delivered using a hybrid model, a 'flipped classroom' approach. Students engage with the content during the week, watching recorded lectures, reading materials, participating in online discussions, attending streamed instructor conferences, and then for the in-seat portion of the class, students are able to do more lab and group related work."

In both settings, you can enjoy access to meaningful hands-on learning experiences. On campus, you work with equipment typically found in the workplace, and by applying what you learn, you can retain more. That's what makes hands-on education so valuable. It can make a big difference when taking tests and can mean less on-the-job training once you've graduated.

When you take classes online, hands-on learning continues. ECPI University's online classes integrate virtual labs where lessons are reinforced with simulated environments. What's more, support is just a phone call or click away with:

  • Access to faculty who hold virtual office hours for one-on-one student interaction
  • Small class sizes and individual attention
  • Personalized access to ECPI University's online library
  • Graduate employment services
  • Toll-Free 24/7 tech support

If you'd like to learn more about this exciting opportunity, click here to connect with a helpful admissions advisor or call 844.334.4466.

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