Information Technology Management Jobs

Information Technology Management Jobs

IT drives modern businesses. It’s the fastest way to handle payments, keep customer data safe, handle automation and deal with the inventory management nightmare. While most front end users enjoy these features without wondering how everything falls into place, the demand for IT experts is on the constant rise.

To many, the IT representative is that person who keeps the network, the system and all the PCs serviced and running. This is basically the rough description of the information technology management job. Fulfilling as it might sound, this is far from what actual IT managers do.

What Do IT Managers Do?

An IT manager is in charge of the implementation and maintenance of a company’s computing needs. You will be in charge of the employees in the IT department and it is your work to manage any IT-related projected geared at improving productivity or efficiency in the company.

Your work isn’t fixing things. It is ensuring that the IT department has the right system requirements and that it does all that is within its capabilities to deliver a seamless experience to the staff and customers.

This means that you will always be interacting with the jargon literate technicians and high level consumers like front end system users, stakeholders, and executive decision makers. The position makes you the in-house expert opinion whose word influences all information technology related decisions in the company.

Your responsibilities as an IT manager or consultant could include:

  • Speaking to the management or front end users to find out what IT solution the business needs
  • Advising the client on what IT related solutions might have a positive impact on the business
  • Planning project adoption and assessing how different adoption stages will affect the business
  • Coordinating project teams
  • Negotiating system costs, standards and scopes
  • Ensuring smooth transition from old systems to new systems
  • Being in charge of existing systems and actively identifying problems and suggesting on how to make it more efficient

Expected Work Experience

Most IT managers have to work harder especially when actively implementing a new system. You have to ensure that everything is in working condition before the rest of the employees report for the day. This could lead to occasional late days at work. On the other hand, it also means relaxed days when everything is running smoothly.

Highly skilled IT managers can strike out as consultants and launch their own businesses that will come in to advise businesses and institutions on the brink of making a major IT overhaul. This comes in later on when you gather more experience and it can also be an easier pace since you can take breaks between jobs.

Working with larger companies puts you on a well-defined career path. Your goal here will be getting promotions and gathering more management responsibilities. The bigger the company, the better the salary and job security.

How To Become an IT Manager

Even though some IT manager positions will take you with an associate degree and a lot of work experience, the best way to earn your position is by getting a relevant bachelor’s degree. A degree in computer science, MIS, or related field is what most employers are looking for.

Any additional certifications that give you an upper hand in interpersonal relationships and business processes will always come in handy. Some employers will specifically look for master’s degree holders who have an MBA or business certifications focusing on marketing and accounting. A good certification to try would be CPA or electronic business management courses.

Apart from the educational qualifications, you also need a set of team work, management, and problem solving skills to make it as an IT manager. Great managers are people who pay attention to what others are saying and keep their cool even when gathering data from a decision making panel that is constantly changing its mind.

The Salary and Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), The annual median salary for computer and information systems managers stands at $135,800. The BLS also predicted a 15 percent employment growth, which is faster than the average of other occupations.

Information Technology Management Jobs

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