Mobile Development Certifications

Mobile Development Certifications: What Is Right for Me?

Mobile devices are changing business to business and personal interactions at an alarming rate. With the majority of the people owning a smartphone of some kind, developing mobile applications that will make life easier by leveraging the increasingly powerful mobile devices has become a booming business. With some smartphones and tablet PCs packing better hardware than low end PCs, developers have less limitations and better leeway when it comes to implementing complex or powerful applications.

The increased demand for mobile-based solutions makes mobile development one of the fastest growing IT career options. New app developers can either launch their own applications on app stores and be freelancers or can be part of a bigger company and focus on developing specific solutions to solve real life problems.

What Certifications Do You Need?

The basic bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field is needed to work at an app development company. The degree gives you important basic knowledge that will make you a great team player who understands all the important aspects of software development. After all, mobile app development is still software development.

Since mobile development is relatively new, there aren’t so many certifications in the market yet. However, having one or two certifications will not only bolster your skills but also improve your bargaining power in the job market. Some of the popular certifications you can earn right now include:

  • Android Certified Application Developer (ATC)
  • IBM Certified Mobile Application Developer
  • SAP Certified Development Associate
  • Mobile Development Institute Certified Developer (MDICD)
  • GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Java ME Mobile Application Developer

The certification you choose will determine what platform you are interested in. While most mobile application developers will be good with Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile development, specializing in a specific platform could improve your skills and increase your chances of getting a better paying job.

The best way to increase your eligibility for employment is by first getting a bachelor’s degree before getting a general certification. An IBM Certified Mobile Application Developer, for instance, will be a great way to get employment since it improves your reputation on all platforms unlike Android Certified Application Developer that is Android biased.

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What Can You Do as a Mobile App Developer?

There is a wide range of consumer applications that make the app development world a little bit overwhelming to the beginner. The most popular paths you might take as a mobile app developer are:

Enterprise App Development

Enterprise app development are a replacement to consumer app development and focuses on solving enterprise problems by delivering something that solves unavoidable real life problems. A mobile payment processing app or an inventory management app for a retailer will surely grab hold since it interacts with businesses instead of individuals who will download it at their own discretion.

Mobile Monitoring Apps

Mobile phones are a great way to monitor human behavior. We tend to carry our phones wherever we go. Tracking the smartphone and monitoring what it does is a sure way to gathering user behavior data. Monitoring apps to track employee productivity, child safety, your workout data, your diet, or even sleep pattern tap into an otherwise under exploited niche and will always catch ground.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things is the next sensation in the world of tech. Giving consumers an app that will gather data from the fridge, the HVAC unit, the living room blinds and motion sensor before manipulating it to make your home more energy efficient will always be welcome.

Games and Entertainment

Even though the game niche might be overcrowded, there still is a good number of developers making amazing games that generate tangible revenue within a short time. The overcrowding makes it mandatory that you either develop something phenomenal or be part of a big publishing house that has the necessary funds and connection to hype and market the game for success.

Mobile Development Certifications

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