The Funniest Surgical Tech Pins on Pinterest

Working in the medical field requires a special type of person. Though the rewards of being a doctor, nurse or other medical professional are many, the hours are long, the work is hard and strenuous and the patients are not always the nicest. Working in certain specialties—such as a surgical technologist—requires patience, endurance, and caring. It also helps if you have a good sense of humor.

If you are thinking of becoming a surgical technologist—an integral member of an operating room team—then there are some aspects of the job that you need to know about, and these topics are best presented in a humorous way. Take a peek at the funniest pins for surgical technologists and explore this rewarding and interesting field.

Funniest Pins for Surgical Technologists That Poke Fun at the Job Duties

Surgical technologists are an important part of the team in the operating room. Also called operating room technicians, scrub technicians or scrubs, they ensure that the operating room maintains a sterile environment, focusing particularly on the operating tools and equipment. The following pins offer some rib-tickling insight on what is expected of a surgical technologist in the operating room.

Surgical Tech memorization skills1. Surgical technologists know the real name and purpose for all those doohickies and thingamabobs in an operating room. Make sure your memorization skills are up to par.


basting turkey toomey syringe2. You might even find alternative uses for some of those tools. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.



hand me the cutty thing3. Sometime surgical technologists will have to interpret certain instructions. Hone your skills of deduction and inference.



Surg tech isn't always an easy job4. It’s not an easy job!


the glamorous life of a surgical technologist5. For a surgical technologist, the hours are long and the work is hard. Really hard.


I wear bodily fluids6. While the work is really hard, the bragging rights are truly impressive!


Silly Pins That Highlight the Particular Nature of Surgical Technologists

Surgical technologists are responsible for maintaining sterility in the operating room, which is paramount for the patient’s well-being and recovery. Most surgical technologists can be a bit territorial and, well particular, when it comes to their job duties. These pins poke a little fun at the A-type personalities of those slaving away in the operating room.

Throwing sharps in the Mayo stand7. Surgical technologists don’t want anyone else messing with their set-up, such as with the mayo tray that holds various sharp surgical instruments. 


Contaminated surgical instruments8. Sterility is everything, and most CSTs—Certified Surgical Technologists—will be moved to crimes of passion against those who compromise it!


Surgical Tech Parking9. CSTs are also a bit territorial in other areas, such as parking spots. Learn how to say “you’ll be scrubbed” in a don’t-mess-with-me fashion.  


feeling an itch in your surgical mask?10. Sterility is really important, but your brain will test your resolve again and again.  Don’t give in!



surgical techs are a cut above11. Surgical techs are awesome, and they want everyone to know it. Practice tooting your own horn.


Never pass up an opportunity to pee!12. Due to the long hours in the operating room, surgical technologists have to pay much more attention to visiting the bathroom.                                                              


Hysterical Pins for Surgical Technologists about Working with Doctors

Daycare differential13. Despite possessing the wherewithal to attend years of school and tackling one of the most grueling professions out there, doctors aren’t always the best at acting maturely.


restrain yourself 14. Surgical technologists will need to show restraint sometimes.


passing the instrument a little too hard15. You’ll need to explore other forms of communication.  


Becoming a Surgical Tech

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