What is ABET Accreditation? ABET Accreditation is a 3rd-party stamp of quality assurance.
What is ABET Accreditation?

ABET is an acronym for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. The ABET Board certifies post-secondary degree-granting engineering technology programs that are offered by institutions regionally accredited within the US, as well as nationally accredited institutions outside the US. ABET does not accredit certification, training, or doctoral programs. The ABET organization is officially recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a third-party quality review process for educational institutions or programs. In the case of ABET, the organization only accredits engineering technology degree programs—not degrees, colleges, departments, or institutions. This means that ABET reviews and accredits engineering technology curriculum and facilities at educational institutions.

ABET accreditation is an assurance that the engineering technology degree program curricula meets all quality standards set by the industry. Not only does this install value in the degree earned, it also ensures that graduates of the program meet the expectations of future employers after graduation.

Why is ABET Accreditation Important for Universities?

The intense process of ABET accreditation demonstrates to industry professionals that the engineering technology program has met—or exceeded—the highest standards possible. ABET accreditation is voluntary. Most institutions choose to initiate a strict accreditation process because the designation lends prestige and credibility to their academic programs. A third-party quality review seal of approval from the experts carries a lot of weight!

ABET accreditation would not be granted without the dedication and commitment of the academic institution’s faculty and staff. Accreditation verifies that they are continuously assessing their program quality and making the necessary efforts to boost their output.

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Why is ABET Accreditation Important for Students?

Accreditation ensures that the quality of education is gauged by the outcomes (A.K.A. the graduates), rather than self-evaluations by program instructors. ABET accreditation can soothe anxious parents of students as well, demonstrating that the university is trustworthy, the education has merit, and the teachers and administrators are passionate and reliable.

Earning an engineering technology degree is an investment in oneself. Choose a university that has also invested in itself. Choose a university that is certified and accredited by an officially recognized accreditation agency.

Professional Licensing Organizations for Engineering Technology Fields

One of the most important reasons to select an ABET accredited degree program boils down to state licensing requirements. Many states require licensure after graduation. To register for licensure, you must have graduated from a degree program which is accredited by an officially recognized agency.

As an aspiring engineering technologist, this means you must graduate from an ABET accredited degree program to obtain licensure and enter the workforce. A non-accredited engineering technology degree program may not qualify graduates for official licensure, and any degree earned may not carry its weight when put to the test in a professional setting.

How To Tell if a Program is ABET Accredited

There are multiple ways to determine whether ABET accredits an engineering technology degree program:

  • Search the ABET.org database for your desired university/program
  • Check the university/program’s web pages – they should be proud to display such information
  • Contact the university to inquire about the program

How Does ABET Accredit Engineering Technology Degree Programs?

Academic institutions typically conduct a self-evaluation to determine readiness before requesting accreditation. The ABET evaluation team performs a site visit to the institution, then a committee determines whether to deny or grant accreditation. If the accreditation status is granted, then it is applicable for up to six years.

Customary evaluation areas examine how well students are taught to recognize professional and ethical responsibility, analyze information, utilize modern engineering technology methods, and apply the acquired knowledge. When you come across an ABET accredited degree program, you can be sure it has shown success in these areas, and more.

How Does Accreditation Boost Quality Standards?

ABET accreditation guarantees the highest quality standards, resulting in an innovative and mobile workforce educated to the highest standards, with extremely diverse technological advancement. The rigorous evaluation process used today has evolved over 80+ years and is utilized by accreditation agencies in nearly every industry.

ABET accredited organizations have a well-deserved reputation for producing graduates at a higher level of academic excellence, making them worthy professionals in their field of study. ABET accreditation is the seal of approval on engineering technology degree programs.

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The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology programs at the Virginia Beach and Newport News, VA campuses and Online are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

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