Why Are Mobile Apps Important and How Can I Become Part of this Field?

Why Are Mobile Apps Important and How Can I Become Part of this Field?

A mobile app is an application software specifically developed for use on small, mobile computing devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile apps are designed to provide users with services that are similar to those that can be accessed on desktop computers.

Apps are also designed to take advantage of their specialized capabilities and developed with consideration for the constraints and demands of the device. While many mobile apps have similar programs that are developed for desktop computers, they usually work with different constraints. The classification of mobile apps is typically based on whether they are native or web-based apps.

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Importance of Mobile Apps to Anyone with a Smartphone

Mobile phones play an integral role in our everyday lives and the benefits that come with the use of these devices is undeniably growing. This is owing to the fact that there’s ongoing tremendous transformation of mobile technology, the remarkable communicative interface, and the availability and access to high-speed internet.

These incredible features create new and innovative experiences in mobile computing. What makes this possible is the development of mobile apps. Now that apps have become a colossal point of attention, smartphone users rely on them in more than one way:

  • Business and daily life use: E-commerce is more than just selling and buying products over the internet. It also includes the entire process of creating, marketing, communicating with buyers, selling and paying for products and services.
  • Social network and communication: Social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp make it easier for people to interact and communicate. They also available for users to enjoy and entertain themselves.
  • Organized life: Apps have made it possible for mobile phones to become one of the most central parts of our everyday lives. We have our personal information, contacts, and notes on important projects all stored on our mobile devices. Our "to do" lists, goals, notifications, and alarms are all designed to make life easier and more efficient.
  • Leisure activities: Mobile apps are not just for business and communication purposes. Reading apps, music apps, video apps, and game apps are all available for users to entertain themselves. These apps are more advanced and interactive for hours of entertainment.

The Process of Developing a Mobile App

While each app is different and designed for a specific purpose or goal, most mobile app developers follow a standard process when developing apps. The mobile app development lifecycle involves:

  • Ideation/ Research
  • Wireframing
  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • Prototype
  • Design
  • Design
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Hard and Soft Skills for a Good Mobile Developer

Hard skills will lay the foundation for getting the project off the ground and can tell you the difference between a good mobile developer and one that’s pretending to be a pro. A mobile developer should have:

  • A command of Android and native iOS development
  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript
  • Profound knowledge of the necessary technologies and tools
  • Comprehension of basic react assumptions
  • An understanding of coding languages and the ability to keep code clear and elegant

Soft skills, on the other hand, should steer the project in the right direction and help succeed throughout the development cycle. A mobile developer worth hiring should possess the following skills:

  • Open-mindedness
  • Great communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Lust for knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Giving constructive feedback

Benefits to Formal Education vs. Learning Coding on Your Own

It seems anyone can learn how to code and develop mobile apps given how many resources are available in libraries and online. If you want to develop mobile apps just for fun, self-education may be the option for you. But if you’re looking to becoming a pro, it’s time to move from YouTube to the classroom.

You can do this by enrolling in formal education and earning a degree. In addition to proving your skills and your dedication to mobile app development, formal education also allows you to gain hands-on training, develop technical skills, gain valuable soft skills, receive personalized feedback, grow your network, and join the big leagues.

Why Are Mobile Apps Important and How Can I Become Part of this Field?

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