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Partners In Business: Team Up with ECPI University

Discover why it’s a great time for your organization to partner with ECPI University to educate, prepare and hire qualified graduates.

Work alongside ECPI University to offer your employees continued education and hands-on training to give your company the competitive edge needed in today’s fast-paced environment. Bridge the talent gap and fill critical jobs by hiring ECPI University students and alumni or become an Enterprise Partner to further expand your workforce.

Strengthen Your Employees Through Powerful Partnerships

By partnering with ECPI University, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your company’s competitive advantage by providing your employees with effective, cutting edge training and continuing education options. ECPI University offers a wide range of in-demand degree and certification programs, as well as Professional Development Courses. ECPI University’s hands-on, career-focused programs can help you recognize your strongest up-and-comers, inspire innovative thinking, increase productivity within your workforce and improve employee retention rates.

We pride ourselves on our successful and effective partnerships with organizations and companies throughout the United States. We are excited about the opportunity to help your organization build a better and stronger workforce and we look forward to learning more about your business and how we can help your employees grow and advance.

Student and Alumni Recruitment

There has never been a greater time to bring highly qualified, skilled individuals on board within your company than right now. We recognize the simplest way to ensure growth, innovation, and long-term stability within your organization is by investing in your company through your employees.

Through effective programs and certifications, you can be assured ECPI University students and alumni come equipped with the necessary qualifications, expertise and talent you’re looking for to grow your company.

ECPI University graduates are well prepared with valuable skills vital to industry success. Here are some of the ways our graduates stand out in the workplace:

  • Equipped to take initiative: We prepare our graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today’s business environment by teaching and encouraging organization, time management, critical thinking, team work, problem-solving, communication and work ethic.
  • Prepared for success: ECPI University’s strong curriculum is designed with input and guidance from industry leaders through advisory boards. These boards help provide valuable information and relationship building between faculty, students, alumni, and employers which provides our graduates with relevant skills and knowledge necessary for professional environments.
  • Dedicated to personal and professional growth: Our graduates are highly motivated and driven to success. Most students at ECPI University work full-time jobs and take care of their families while pursuing advanced education degrees. Their willingness and ability to learn, adapt, and maintain a work life balance is a testament to their desire to achieve career goals.

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Join Forces with ECPI University through the Enterprise Partnership Program

Are you looking to do business with ECPI University? ECPI University makes the process simple by providing all of the details you need to get started as a prospective partner. Designed to assist employers in providing employee growth opportunities through hands-on, skills-based education, the Enterprise Partnership Program (EPP) is a no cost benefit to your organization that can be adapted to your specific business needs. Interested in learning more about our business partnerships or advisory board memberships? Click here: Enterprise Partners.