About Career Services

ECPI University’s Career Services Department is your connection to the professional world. From the moment you arrive on campus, Career Services advisors begin preparing you for the day you graduate.  Like most anything, it’s a process, and here’s how it works:

  • Freshman Orientation – learn the basics about resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills
  • Career Orientation Seminar – begin building your resume and start going through practice interviews
  • Externship/Internship Placement – with the assistance of your department head, career service advisors will help you secure an externship so you have real-world experience when you graduate
  • Career Planning Orientation – advisors guide you as you start developing a job search strategy 

When you’re ready to start seeking employment, ECPI University will begin leveraging its relationships with employment partners. We use word “partner” because it signifies that there is a relationship that yields mutual benefits. Through employer advisory boards, ECPI relies on industry professionals to help the University maintain its curriculum so graduates are ready to do the job the moment they leave school. 

After years of working together, employers know that they can trust ECPI University to produce skilled professionals to fill important positions. Maybe that’s why they come by the dozens when ECPI holds campus career fairs. These are great opportunities for you to meet and interview with employers right on the spot. 

Here's the Bottom Line:

It’s Career Service's job to help maximize your marketability. Another way ECPI University does this is through certifications. Simply put, job applicants with professional certifications are more likely to be hired and more likely to earn more money. That’s why ECPI offers students opportunities to prepare for and take certification tests right on campus at drastically reduced prices. For example, the Comp TIA Network+ certification normally costs $261. However, as an ECPI University student, your cost is only $15. For a list of all certifications offered, click here