Why ECPI University Nursing?

What makes ECPI University's College of Nursing Programs Different?

Technology is in our DNA.
We are built on Technology and integrate it into our Nursing programs. Staying ahead of the curve is the key to success.

High Engagement Labs

When you attend class, ECPI has one goal in mind - to prepare you to become a nurse. Whether you are interacting with life-like patient simulators, learning about the endocrine system on our Anatomage (digital cadaver) table, or looking inside of a heart in virtual reality, we bring you as close as possible to the action.


The world shut down briefly, so we built a new one. Our team of developers created a fully operational 5 story virtual hospital that you can access from anywhere. Learn about and explore the ins-and-outs of how hospitals operate as well as the responsibilities of employees working there.

Virtual Simulation

Nursing simulation is foundational to nursing. We created a virtual environment within the eHospital that allows students to provide patient care. Each phase of Virtual Simulation allows students to interact with patients as they would in the health care environment.

Faster is Better.

  1. Accelerated Programs. Earn your Nursing degree quickly with our accelerated, year-round schedule.
  2. Minimal Wait Times. Our frequent admission dates and year-round schedule allow you to spend less time waiting around and more time learning.
  3. Streamlined Programs. No matter if you are new to Nursing, already are a LPN, RN or BSN, or have college experience outside of nursing, we have a customized path that makes sense for you.

Support where you need it.

Career Services

Our career services can assist with creating a resume, practicing for interviews, and searching for job opportunities in your field so you can feel confident when you talk to employers.

Academic Support

Tutoring is offered from the beginning to the end of our Nursing programs. One-on-one and group tutoring session are conducted by faculty, recent graduates and senior nursing students year round at no additional costs.

Financial Support

Our financial aid advisors can tailor you a plan specifically to show you how earning your Nursing degree can be affordable.

Your Success is Our Success.

Hands-on Classes

Experienced Faculty

Career Focused

Student Centered

NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) pass rates for the past five years

Practical Nursing

Campus 2015 Pass % 2016 Pass % 2017 Pass % 2018 Pass % 2019 Pass %
Manassas 73.68 80.65 84.62 91.49 91.67
Newport News 78.82 87.3 81.05 89.13 88.14
Richmond 81.63 84.61 100 93.76 83.33
Virginia Beach 84.25 73.4 82.93 93.14 93.39
Roanoke 100 90.91 75 91.3 90.48

Associate Degree in Nursing

Campus 2015 Pass % 2016 Pass % 2017 Pass % 2018 Pass % 2019 Pass %
Newport News 76.99 83.33 81.94 92.22 90.53
Richmond-Emerywood 65.12 90.63 73.81 82.61 66.13
Virginia Beach 85.21 76.13 86.92 82.17 74.68
Manassas 70.69 75 85.19 90.24 92.46
Roanoke N/A N/A 75 89.8 58.97

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