DEN200 Dental Chairside Assisting

The course provides instruction in the principles of clinical chair-side dental assisting; dental equipment use and maintenance; safety and instrument identification.  Students are introduced to the many varied dental office designs.  Subject matter to include; chair-side operatory procedures, infection control practices, provider and ergonomic assistant positioning.  Various dental hand pieces and their attachments, dental operative hand instruments and their tray set-ups are included.   Anesthesia and pain control will be discussed.  Chair-side assisting procedures including dental amalgam and composite restorative materials are taught to a competent level. Additional chair-side assisting functions include oral illumination, tissue retraction, evacuation, and dental dam, and the Tofflemire matrix band.  Advanced chair-side functions include placing cements, bases and liners.  

Prerequisites: DEN100,DEN110

Corequisite DEN200L 


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