DMS108 Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation I

This course is a continuation of DMS107. The student will continue to learn the basic concepts of ultrasound physics, frequency, and velocity, sound attenuation in tissue, power and intensity, image formation, focal zones, transducer selection, image optimization, harmonics, spectral and color Doppler principles. Students will learn how they are applied to basic ultrasound instrumentation controls, digital signal and image processing, image quality and Doppler flow analysis. Concepts of acoustic artifacts will be introduced. The ALARA principles, biological effects and safety will be stressed. The student will learn to perform measurements. Concepts also discussed are pre and post processing enhancement, documentation and recording capabilities, picture archiving, digital imaging and communication in medicine, 3D/4D imaging and emerging technologies.

Prerequisite: None

Corequisite: DMS108L

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