What Are Hybrid Classes?

Interested in earning your degree, but not having to be in class multiple days a week? Hybrid classes, a blend of online and in-person instruction gives you the best education in a format that makes sense to your learning style and your schedule. Here is how it works:

  • Monday-Thursday: Work online at your own pace, at home or wherever you study best. Complete assignments as you go and ask your instructors questions via our online learning system, Canvas.
  • Friday and Saturday: Arrive at an ECPI University campus to meet and interact with your instructor and classmates in person. Enjoy the accountability of in-person instruction and getting to know and network with your classmates.

Why Earn Your Degree With Hybrid Classes?

Not everyone is cut out for an online-only instructional style. At the same time, not everyone’s schedule allows them to be in class each night. This gives students the chance to reap the benefits of both instructional styles and succeed with both a flexible schedule and in-person accountability.

Benefits of Hybrid Education for College Students

  • Study from home: You can complete your homework on your own time and wherever you choose.
  • Interact in person with instructor and students: Worried solely online education would leave you feeling disconnected? With hybrid education, you can still be in a classroom (just not each night).
  • Work towards your degree: Work and family commitments can be better met through the hybrid schedule with the majority of your homework free to do at your own pace.
  • Get the best of both worlds: With a blend of instruction and freedom, hybrid education is a way to get your degree on your terms and enjoy the process as you learn.

What Are Students Saying About ECPI University Hybrid Classes?

“I never thought I could finish a degree on my own terms. ECPI made it easy for me to do just that. It was the best decision I ever made!”

- Jade Good, Mechatronics Graduate

Hybrid Classes Gives Students Both Online and In-Class Experiences

Hybrid classes are designed for those who want to further their education by combining the benefits of in-class education with online education. Study and complete homework wherever you are most comfortable and arrive at ECPI University on Friday night and Saturday morning to receive lecture from a live instructor.

ECPI University Makes It Easy to Start (and Finish) Your Degree

For over 50 years, ECPI University has been committed to providing practical education that is flexible to fit into a student’s lifestyle. Hybrid education provides students with the opportunity to fuse traditional classroom education with high-tech online capabilities.

Nationally ranked for both online and on campus classes, ECPI University offers the high-quality instruction you need in both formats. Enjoy practical education in the classroom and interactive lessons online when you study with Canvas, our online learning management system.

Want to Learn More About Hybrid Classes at ECPI University?

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