Medical Assisting Associate


Associate of Applied Science in Health Science

Medical Assisting Overview

This program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Science-Medical Assisting. It prepares the student to perform clinical and administrative functions in a physician‘s office or other medical setting. The Program includes didactic classroom instruction, extensive hands-on laboratory experience, and externship in a local area medical facility. Medical Assisting graduates are CPR certified.

Students graduating from this program may be eligible to become Certified Medical Assistants, Registered Medical Assistants, Certified Phlebotomy Technicians, and EKG Technicians.

Medical Assisting Possible Career Track

Upon completion, graduates with an Associate of Science Degree in Health Science with a concentration in Medical Assisting could possibly pursue entry-level career opportunities such as the following:

  • Medical Assistants
  • Phlebotomists
  • EKG technicians
  • Physician offices
  • Clinics
  • Related healthcare settings

Experienced Medical Assistants may function in supervisory or managerial capacities including personnel selection, hiring, and evaluation. Following graduation, you are qualified to take professional certification exams.

Medical Assisting Outcomes

  • Demonstrate characteristics of self-direction and accountability with strong educational foundations for lifelong personal and professional growth.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills to effectively address patient care and to adapt to the rapidly changing challenges in healthcare and medical assisting.
  • Provide clinically competent, contemporary care that recognizes individual differences and promotes caring behavior in the health care community.
  • Function as competent, beginning practitioner in both clinical and administrative procedures for the medical office.
  • Be eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant Exam offered through AAMA and/or the RMA exam by AMT.
  • Program provides comprehensive preparation of graduates for work in the career field.

The following are the employment rates as reported to the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) for the July 1, 2020 period June 30, 2021.

The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) has placed the Medical Assisting Diploma program at the Newport News campus on a program specific warning status and has required the program to submit a proposed teach-out plan. The University does intend to enroll new students through graduation at this location; however, there are provisions in place for completing the program at other locations of ECPI University, as well as transfer to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting at this location.

Campus Outcome %
Roanoke 50%
Virginia Beach 78%
Newport News 71%
Richmond 94%
Manassas 80%
Raleigh 80%
Charlotte 83%
Greensboro 81%
Charleston 83%
Greenville 72%
Columbia 70%
San Antonio 83%

The placement rate is determined by using the ABHES required method of calculation, for the reporting period July 1 through June 30, as follows:

Placement Rate = (P)/(G-U)
P = Placed graduated
G = Total graduates
U = Graduated unavailable for placement

Placed graduates are defined as those employed in a position wherein the majority of the graduate’s job functions are related to the skills and knowledge acquired through successful completion of the training program.

Unavailable is defined only as documented: health-related issues, military obligations, incarcerations, continuing education status, or death. Institutions must have on file additional documentation and rationale to justify graduates identified in this category. Examples of documentation may include but not limited to a doctor’s note, military orders, arrest documentation, enrollment agreement, acceptance letter, or death certificate.

Medical Assisting Curriculum

Program Requirements


*For allowable substitutions of arts and sciences courses, see the Arts & Sciences Department page.


Program includes a total of 1,170 contact hours.

^^The following courses are available online for Medical Assisting students: CIS108, COM115, COR191, ENG110, FOR110, HUM205, and PSY105. MED courses may be offered via Remote Synchronous Delivery (see Remote Synchronous and Hybrid Delivery of Courses/Programs).

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