Baking and Pastry Arts: TV Shows to Inspire You!

Baking and Pastry Arts: TV Shows to Inspire You!

Whether you’re just beginning your baking and pastry arts journey or you’ve been creating cakes, pastries, and breads for decades, everyone needs a little inspiration. Here are some TV shows that showcase the artistry, creativity, and skill of those at the peak of the baking and pastry arts industry. Will your next creation rival the the professionals?

The Great British Bake Off

This show, called The Great British Baking Show in the US, has 3 seasons currently available on Netflix for streaming. The series takes viewers inside a tent where around a dozen home bakers are competing for the chance to win the show. Hosts Mel and Sue keep the bakers on track as they work while judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry hold their creations to the highest standard.

A fun show to watch regardless of the viewer’s own experience level in baking. The different episodes focus on particular aspects of baking and pastry arts, giving novices a chance to see how these delicacies are made and a little information about the science of baking. Experts get to enjoy the innovation and fun of the show while holding their breath to see how the bake turned out.

Amazing Wedding Cakes

If your passion is wedding cakes that go above and beyond to wow the happy couple,  you have found the prefect show. This series follows professional bakers in different cities as they fill orders for clients. Whether it’s a traditional wedding cake with 4-tiers or a groom’s cake in the shape of his favorite sport’s team logo, the bakers pull out all the stops to impress their customers.

Baking and pastry arts enthusiasts get a look inside professional kitchens. The show depicts the workers performing a variety of tasks. From making fondant to assembling multi-tier cakes, the viewer can follow the process and even gets to see the customer’s reaction when they see the finished product.

Cupcake Wars

Another competition show, this series pits cupcake bakers from across the US to compete for a monetary prize and a chance to have their work showcased. Now in its 9th season, this show includes celebrity guests and special challenges no average baker could handle. Jonathan Bennett hosts the show, providing the bakers with their challenges each week as well as lightening the mood when the set is intense.

Cupcake lovers get a chance to see just how many ways one can make a cupcake. With different flavors, textures, decorations, and more, meeting these challenges provides thought-provoking baking solutions. The fun and excitement of the timed challenges is just as enjoyable to watch as the creations themselves.

Last Cake Standing

Chances are you might not bake a cake like the challenges on Last Cake Standing require every day as a professional baker. Which is why it’s so much fun to watch a show like this. Each challenge is more expansive and difficult than the last. Bakers have to pull out all of the stops and draw on all of the baking and pastry arts expertise to not just come up with a lavish cake design, but also to execute it on a time limit.

While you might not need the skills showcased in this program in your daily work as a baking and pastry arts chef, it’s amazingly fun to watch professionals create fantasy cakes and compete against each other for a very generous prize. Maybe your first client won’t come in asking for a dragon cake with fondant scales, but should the situation arise, you have an idea of where to start.

Baking and Pastry Arts: TV Shows to Inspire You!

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