Cloud Security: Issues and Solutions for Future Students

Cloud Security: Issues and Solutions for Future Students

In a recent 2016 Right Scale report, 95 percent of companies that participated in a survey reported that they were using the cloud. The same report predicted that cloud computing will grow to over $500 billion by the year 2020. As more and more businesses ditch the serve and adopt the cloud, cloud computing will lead to the creation of new job opportunities for qualified individuals.

Cloud computing job opportunities often range from developers and architects to security pros and data scientists among others. Therefore, honing your IT skills through formal education in the cloud is important if you want to join this booming career path.

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Cloud Computing Problems that Experts Handle on a Daily Basis

Cloud computing enables organizations to store, retrieve and manage data over internet servers instead of hard drives. This technology secures information using firewalls. Several people in their day-to-day activities are now using cloud technology. For instance, using email addresses.

However, every technology has its own baggage of advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, the cloud computing technology also has its share of problems. Despite being a major resource for most businesses, it can create other problems. Some of the common cloud computing problems that businesses experience and that you can help solve include:

Cloud set-up

It’s very important for a business to choose the appropriate cloud set-up as per its needs. Generally, there are three different types of cloud computing including public, private, and hybrid. However, the secret to choosing the right set-up is by picking the right cloud. As a cloud-computing specialist, you could help businesses to select the right cloud to avoid serious hazards.

Real-time monitoring

This is one of the biggest challenges that most cloud services providers face. Some organizations including banks and governments need to update their cloud systems in real time. This means you have to match this requirement and continuously monitor and maintain such systems.

Unauthorized service providers

The cloud computing technology is a relatively new concept for most organizations. Therefore, most of them are not able to verify which service providers are genuine. This means that they won’t be able to determine whether the providers meet the required security standards or not.

As a cloud-computing specialist, you might help businesses to evaluate cloud service providers against the worldwide criteria. This means that you will verify that the provider has been in operation for some time and doesn’t have any negative records in the past.


According to Fox Business, one of the major risks that cloud computing technology faces is hacking. There are professional hackers that can hack through the cloud by breaking the firewalls and acquire vital information. Because a cloud service provider has several clients, an attack can affect all other users. As a cloud-computing specialist, you should help protect vital information stored in the cloud.

How Can you Help Work on These Problems as a Student?

With an increase in the number of customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and contractors accessing corporate data with their mobile devices from the cloud, providing protection only to the network isn’t enough. As traditional perimeters disappear, here are a few ways that you can help businesses to secure the cloud.

Determine who’s accessing what: Employees within an organization have different privileges, for instance, database administrators have access to valuable data. Therefore, such employees should be highly scrutinized and receive training on how to handle data.

Secure assets used in the cloud: Your training in school should enable you to identify databases that contain sensitive information and provide extra protection through encryption or monitoring them.

Limit data access: You can help business to limit data access to users based on their context by changing the level of accessing data in the cloud. This can be based on the users’ location and the device being used. For instance, a doctor working at a hospital during regular hours can have full access to patient records. However, when trying to access that data using the phone while at home, the doctor will be prompted to go through additional sign-on processes and will have limited access to data.

Importance of Cloud Computing Education

Learn a skill that is in high demand: Today, employers are seeking professionals that know their way around the cloud and that can help in the implementation of a cloud environment.

Get a job in a growing field: The demand for skilled and experienced cloud computing specialists grows by the hour. IT jobs are growing by 13% in the coming years, according to the BLS. This is almost twice average job growth.

Cloud Security: Issues and Solutions for Future Students

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