Criminal Intelligence Analyst Job Description

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Job Description

A criminal intelligence analyst identifies the patterns in criminal behavior by analyzing each unit of data separately. The investigations are conducted using tools like crime mapping, forensics, risk assessment and geo-technology in order to predict and stop future crime. The job requires a person to work for 37 to 40 hours a week and may have to put in extra hours on short notice.

Depending on the demand of the job at the time, a person may have to work or live overseas, and as confidentiality is key for the job, you may not be allowed to talk about your work or reveal who your employer is.

The responsibilities vary according to the level of the role. They include:

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Level 1 – For Beginners with Limited Experience

The individuals at this level may perform a series of activities including:

  • Assisting in the technical analysis of intelligence data sought on criminal activities
  • Gathering and grouping data orally or in writing in a clear and concise manner
  • Cross-referencing filing procedures
  • Typing and recording investigative reports and statistical data
  • Operation of computer systems and teletypes to acquire information through NCIS, NLETS or OLETS
  • Compilation of Criminal records and data for licensure
  • Problem profiling - building up a picture of crime clusters in a given location
  • Target profiling - monitoring the behavior of suspicious individuals or groups in a discreet manner
  • Acting as a witness in a court proceeding when required to by the court

Level 2 – For Those with More Experience

This level consists of Level 1 persons with an addition of two years of experience in criminal intelligence analysis. The individuals at this level work independently to perform complex evaluations and analysis of data related to criminal activity. The actions they perform include:

  • Evaluation of intelligence information concerning criminal activity
  • Supervision of activities of the intelligence personnel
  • Gathering and analysis of data to develop evidence
  • Organization and presentation of facts in a clear and concise manner orally and in writing
  • Obtaining information via NCIS, NLETS or OLETS by using teletype and computer systems
  • Ensuring that the intelligence records are up to date in the databases
  • If required to by the court, act as an expert witness in a case
  • Analysis of data using specialist software
  • Supervising the collection of national and international criminal data
  • Keeping up with the current security and confidentiality rules
  • Implementation of plans and policies to reduce future criminal offenses
  • Coming up with policies to tackle the trends in particular crimes such as drug smuggling, fraud or theft

Criminal intelligence analysts may find themselves working in:

  • The local police services
  • The armed forces
  • Customs
  • The FBI
  • The CIA
  • Homeland security

A person who holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal intelligence could be found in the following fields:

  • Risk analysis: Involves the analysis of the possibility of criminals to conduct offensive acts
  • Fraud Data analysis: Involves gathering of statistical data on cases of fraud, and coming up with preventive measures
  • Law enforcement intelligence analysis: Involves the evaluation of intelligence data and drafting reports
  • Specialist in anti-money laundering functional compliance: This is more of a financial position focused on catching money launderers
  • Background investigation: This involves looking into the history of a suspicious individual or a criminal offender, in order to come up with logical explanations of their offensive behavior
  • Insurance investigation: This involves investigating claims made by the insured if they are liable for compensation by insurance companies

Other areas of specialty include fraud investigation, counterintelligence analysis, counter IED analysis, security specialization, fusion center intelligence analysis, intelligence and investigative analysis among others.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Job Description

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