ECPI Salutes Thomas Windley When Thomas Windley began attending ECPI University in 2004, he had just completed his service in the U.S. Navy. Several months later, he decided he wanted back in, this time in the Army. While attending ECPI University, he was appointed System Administrator for his unit and soon earned his associate's degree in Network Security in just 18 months.

In 2007, he earned another associate's degree in electronics engineering technology which led to being promoted over his peers. A year later, he deployed to Afghanistan but kept up his online studies.

Now Staff Sergeant Thomas Windley has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Science with a concentration in Network Security, as well as CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security + certifications.

“Earning my degree led to another promotion, which was due to the tools and benefits ECPI University provided in the areas of leadership, professionalism, and core curriculum content,” says Staff Sergeant Windley. “Since my promotion, I have been tasked with training others in my unit – both below and above me in rank – to sit for certifications; thus far those I have trained have a 100% pass record.

“I would highly recommend ECPI University to fellow service members. I believe it has the best customer service of any online school and I have attended several. Further, the curriculum is very precise and concentrated in the areas most needed to perform the job at maximum proficiency."

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