Expectations for Nursing Students: What Will My Degree Program Expect?

Expectations for Nursing Students: What Will My Degree Program Expect?

An associate degree in nursing opens the door to a variety of career options. Degree holders should qualify for any number of positions for registered nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for registered nurses will rise by at least 15% over the next decade. This means even more opportunities for those with the right combination of education and experience.

Whether you’re changing career paths in midlife or starting fresh from high school, nursing school is your first step towards becoming a registered nurse. But, what is expected of nursing students in these programs? What can students expect on their first day of nursing school? How can students prepare themselves to be successful in nursing school?

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Expectations for Student Nurses

Nursing school is tough. Students are expected to learn a large amount of information and new skills quickly. However, being successful in nursing school requires much more than doing well on homework assignments and tests. In order to meet these requirements, students are expected to employ these techniques during their course of study.

  • Display a professional attitude in interactions with instructors, other students, and patients.
  • Ability to carry out duties while under emotional or physical distress.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Full participation in lectures and lab courses via presentations, reports, academic papers, and group discussions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to meet the physical demands of nursing.
  • Understand how important nursing concepts affect daily work duties.

These stringent requirements ensure that graduates are fully prepared for the realities of working in the medical field.

The First Day of Nursing School

What can students expect on their first day of nursing school? While the answer to this question depends greatly on the type of school they are attending, first day nursing school students may encounter some common experiences.

  • Getting to know you! The first day of each class is usually dedicated to being acquainted with the professor, fellow students, and curriculum. Instructors may lead students through a syllabus while explaining assignments, projects, and due dates. This vital information helps students plan their study time more effectively.
  • Equipment is issued. Scrubs, stethoscopes, lab coats, badges, and other equipment is distributed. Your school may require you to provide some items. In this case, you should be given a list that includes retail locations where you can purchase them. These tools will help you practice vital nursing skills during your program.
  • Connections begin to form. Your fellow students are an important part of your nursing school education. They will be a source of encouragement and informal homework help throughout your program. After graduation, these friends will provide information on job leads and continuing education opportunities.
  • You’ll get organized. Spend some time organizing all of your notebooks, texts, electronic access information, schedules, and references. With the amount of information nursing students are responsible for, a rock solid organization system is an essential part of your academic success.

Even if you haven’t been inside of a school in many years, your counselors and instructors should support you through your first day of nursing school.

Steps to Prepare for Nursing School

Once you commit to a program, take these steps to get ready for the demands of nursing school.

  • Gather your social resources. Talk to family and friends about helping with childcare, household maintenance, chores, and social obligations. Know whom you can call when you need help quickly.
  • Talk to your employer. Many companies offer special scheduling and monetary credits to employees who enroll in higher education courses. Resolve any potential scheduling issues before the first day of class.
  • Meet enrollment requirements. Your counselor will let you know if you need to complete any physical examinations, vaccinations, or knowledge testing before you begin nursing school.

Expectations for Nursing Students: What Will My Degree Program Expect?

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